How to Maintain Relationships during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

How to Maintain Relationships during the Coronavirus Pandemic?


The eluding Coronavirus has forced us to remain indoors, denying us of human touch and disturbing our routine. Staying apart from loved ones has dulled our lives. Long-distance and lockdown have expanded days into months without meeting our beloveds.

Long-distance couples are grappling with back-to-back lockdowns. All the meetups are postponed socially and physically. Even those couples who are staying in the same city finds it difficult to get together. And the only way to get in touch is through the internet and mobile phones.

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Technically, the long-distance relationship implies partners who are geographically away from each other. But the pandemic has made all the relationships a long-distance one. Even for a couple living 2 miles away from each other, it looks like long distance.

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You suddenly long for sweet moments in a long-distance relationship. Feeling each other’s touch, being able to hold each other’s hand, watching a movie together, eating together at the same table, taking a walk together, smelling each other’s natural smell. These small cravings instantly mean so much more to you.

However, this extra distance can raise uncertainties between long-distance couples. No matter how much you love and respect each other, there will be a part of you that thinks how your relationship will survive the long distance between you and your lover.

The longer you are apart, questions will arise. “Is he/she worth waiting for?” “Will those feelings increase or decrease?” “Is he/she secretly meeting someone?”. Eventually, your long-distance relationship will stand to the test of time.

Life is not like a romantic movie where the girl and the boy live happily forever, even after going through all the drama. Sometimes, all those fights can break you apart, especially when you are in a long-distance relationship.

Here are some suggestions to ease the pain of separation and reconnect with your partner in a long-distance relationship:
  • Pay regular visits:

After all the days of waiting, missing, and craving, you finally get to meet your partner. Little things like holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc. will feel extra special.

Visits are the spotlight of every long-distance relationship. Butterflies in the belly, confetti all around or rainbows in the sky, as long-distance couples describe their meetups.

Do not stay apart from each other for a long. Take out time from your busy schedule, book a flight or train, and surprise your partner. To keep this long-distance relationship intact, you need to know when you’re going to see each other.

Well, this cannot work in lockdown, But as soon as all this gets over, go see your partner.

  • Try to talk creatively.

Good Morning and Good Night texts may sound mundane after a certain point of time—jazz up your regular texts. Try incorporating poems, quotes, puns, songs, etc. in your regular texts.

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Apart from texts, send each other cute pictures, short videos, and audio notes. It’s romantic and will keep the feelings between you going. You don’t realize how precious these little communication ways are.

  • Celebrate and Cry together

You can’t physically show up for each other. But you can assure your partner that you are emotionally present with him/her.

If your partner rants about something or someone or talks about his/her frustrations at the job, then listen patiently. Sympathize with him/her. Tell him/her that we are in this together.

If your partner achieves a milestone, no matter how big or small, appreciate it. Celebrate together. Emotional calls are a way to connect stronger with your partner.

  • Know each other’s schedule

In a long-distance relationship, it is very essential to know each other’s timetable. You and your partner may live in different time zones and, thus, have different sleep preferences, working hours, and other schedules. Know when the other person is busy or free to set the timing of your calls accordingly.

If you know your partner is in the middle of something, you would drop a text and wait for his/her text. In this way, you can save your long-distance relationship from falling apart.

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Ask your partner about small and big events that will take his/her time. It could be a business meeting, interview, trips, weddings, parties, fests, etc.

  • Remind your partner how special they are

Insecurities and jealousy can turn into legitimate issues that will ruin a long-distance relationship. It is only because you are spending so much time apart from each other. So the best way to avoid this is to tell your partner how special he/she is.

Appreciate your bond. Always remind your lover how much you love them. Use meaningful phrases like “I love you,” “I am thankful to you,” etc.

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Sometimes we forget how important these words are. These little phrases hold so much meaning and are as lovely to say as they are to hear.

  • Be Honest

Every relationship is based on the foundation of trust. Efforts to establish and maintain trust goes both ways. Be honest and transparent with each other. If you lie to your partner and get caught, then the damage done will be hard to repair.

Spill out your real emotions. Don’t hide anything from your partner. It is better to share your things now than revealing your secrets later. Tell them about your feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and uncertainty.

  • Avoid Risky situations

Do not create situations that can get your partner worried, hurt, upset, or suspicious. Let’s just say you are going to a club with your friends late at night. And you already know that you might end up drinking there. Tell your partner in advance.

Also, if you have planned a time to talk with your partner, make that your topmost priority. There can be moments where you are not in a position to call. You may get stuck in a meeting or some work. Inform your partner and say how sorry you are to break commitments.

  • Avoid over communication

While it is necessary to communicate correctly in a long-distance relationship, in fact, in every relationship. But sometimes, excessive communication can erode your bond.

You don’t really have to talk all the time. It is not good to be overly sticky. Spamming and filling each other’s voicemails are not mandatory. And this will not compensate for the huge distance.

Soon you would get bored and end up losing the spark in your connection.

  • Make sure that you are trying your best to make the most of life.

Long-distance relationships indeed require extra effort. But do not put your own life on hold because of it.

You are not alone. You have family and friends. Hang out with them too. Thinking that your world only revolves around your partner is absurd. Fill that void in the heart with your own company.

Enjoy alone time. Learn something new. Go for a trip. Take dance or hobby classes. Watch Netflix and eat popcorn. There are so many things to do. Plus, this will pass your “missing your lover” time.

  • Don’t take hasty decisions.

There will be times where you will feel annoyed and frustrated
in a long-distance relationship. You will react impulsively. You desperately want
to hug your partner.

But do not take any decision in a hurry. Quitting your job or dropping out from something to be with your love is not a wise decision. It may seem romantic in movies but not at all practical in real life.

Always think about the reason you are staying far away from your lover. Finish what you have started. You don’t want to regret it later.

  • Set up a Virtual Date

Have a date on a video call. Though it may not feel like a real date, it will ease the ache of physical separation.

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Plan a date night or a romantic brunch date. Dress up, decorate your place, cook food, and eat together. Play on your favorite melody and get rid of the world and its worries for some time.

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These small gestures will make you connected with each other.

  • Play Games together

There are plenty of games that you could play together online. All thanks to technology!

Try your hands on Ludo, Snakes & Ladder, Crosswords, Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, etc. It will keep the relationship fun.

  • Create a Bucket list

Build a bucket list or wish list with your partner. To keep your long-distance relationship healthy, make a list of activities you want to do with your partner or a list of places you want to visit with your partner. The list can expand into types of romantic dates, planning your future, etc.

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If you and your partner don’t have a bucket list, now is the time to make one.

  • Stay Positive

Lastly, stay positive and grateful all the time. Take a moment to realize how happy you are. Be thankful for the little things in your life.

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Start pouring positive vibes in your long-distance relationship.

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We hope it’s just a nick of time until you and your partner are side by side again.

Don’t let miles and miles of distance affect your relationship.

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