Indian Matchmaking Cast Opens Up about after the Show Equation

Indian Matchmaking Cast Opens Up about after the Show Equation


Indian Matchmaking cast tells about their experience and after the show equation. Coming back to the old days of forming and sharing new bonds. This Netflix aired series received the nay and yay (for some reason) of all kinds possible. Indian Matchmaking and their cast have jotted down their likes and dislikes, a chain of portfolios for their awaited partners. Being criticized by the ‘classiest’ to the ‘casteist.’ They have indeed satisfied us with something to begin over.

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The casting was the biggest hurdle for the director as it required her to shuffle through a list of 500 clients and their families and call to see if they were okay with the cameras around or on them.

Eventually, the cast went on to Sima Taparia from Mumbai, Aparna Shewakramani, Jay Wadhwani, Pradhyuman Maloo, also referred to as Pradhyuman, Nadia Christina Jagessar, Vyasar Ganesan, Akshay Jakhete, Ankita Bansal all together released Indian Matchmaking with director and creator Smriti Mundhra.

How did Indian Matchmaking come to develop?

The series was a pitch from the director to a T.V. producer in 2009/2010, but it got rejected on the terms for “essentially not being white enough.” Later Mundhra pitched the show to Netflix, showing the famous Taparia, who indeed was tremendously excited about it. And June began by order of episodes of Indian Matchmaking by Netflix.

So what happened to the couples of Indian Matchmaking, where are they now?

Sadly or not, the couples featured on the show didn’t end up together at the end:

Aparna Shewakramani

She had dated three men on the show – Dilip, Jay, and Shekar. But, unfortunately, 3 wasn’t her lucky number. She walked out of the show alone.

However, Aparna doesn’t hold any grudges towards any participant she came across and has kept in contact with everyone. She believes that the show brought a positive experience in all of them as they are good friends. We love her personality and kind of boldness she has. She is independent and doesn’t need anyone to fill the void for her.

Pradhyuman Maloo

From the beginning, he had revealed that he’d decline over 100 proposals as there was never a chance for the right woman to come.

But, things changed when Rushali Rai, a model, actress, and self-professed bookworm, entered. They did hit off in the beginning, but soon, Pradhyuman ended up declining the proposal. According to him, they had different paths to follow in life. Pradhyuman knows exactly what he wants in his life and he is quite focused.

If you judge them through their social hangouts, they have kept the slightest touch off air as well.

Vyasar Ganesan

One of the most loved characters on this show, who is a guidance counselor and pop-culture obsessive, Vyasar, indeed puts a smile on many faces, which include Sima. Again it is a shame he wasn’t lucky enough in the relationship department. Vyasar is one of the favorite people in the show. He is funny, modest, intelligent, charming, honest, and whatnot. Everyone has fallen in love with him and it’s kind of sad to see him with no match after the show.

Ankita Bansal

She didn’t manage to find a husband in this show as well. However, Ankita did develop a bigger passion for her career. Producer Smriti Mundhra says she and Ankita have become great friends off-screen as a result of this show. Ankita has a golden heart when she saw people trolling Seema, she went ahead and comforted her via videocall. Ankita is very focused on her career as well as life. We really loved her equal rule of life for everyone.

Nadia Jagessar

She was set up by Sima with two promising matches: Vinay Chadha and Shekar Jayaraman. Whatever happened between Nadia and Vinay led up to split stories from both the end, on and off-screen.recently, he shared a lengthy post on his Instagram, alleging that Nadia was the one who “broke” his heart.

She agrees that bonds faded as the rolling went from on to an off-screen. But, they are still friends. Nadia is such a heartthrob and her smile is killing. We all felt the pain to see her cry in the show.

Akshay Jakhete

Wanting a wife exactly or highly similar to his mother. The next in line must look out for that or get inspired, whatever.

18 Indian Matchmaking Cast Opens Up about after the Show Equation

Radhika and Akshay were going to get married, but he called it off, off-camera as their interests didn’t match much. He confronted his parents about his liking and disliking.

Whatever the lows and highs, the cast rejoined in a recent meet on youtube with Dolly from Delhi!

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And if you haven’t yet binged on Indian Matchmaking, you might as well. It’s up to you if you want to make this a chain of Streisand effect or just leave it be.

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