India’s Atmanirbhar Village Patalkot, They only step out of the Village to buy Salt.

India’s Atmanirbhar Village Patalkot, They only step out of the Village to buy Salt.


Hidden away this gem of a place, Patalkot amidst the depths of Satpura Range in Madhya Pradesh. Patalkot, a valley spreads with 12 small villages and 13 hamlets with reportedly only 2012 people living within its borders.

‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ is the call where Indians are being urged to give up on foreign goods or products and brands and instead switch to ‘Vocal about Local.’ The momentum of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ has started gaining more support. Still, there’s no denying to the fact that most Indians aren’t too eager to give up just yet to their beloved international brands, which are found in India.

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This remote village in Madhya Pradesh, Patalkot, has existed in a self-sufficient environment in complete isolation for centuries.

Since the debate on figuring out the most delicate details of converting ourselves to an Atmanirbhar environment, let’s look at these villages who have been Atmanirbhar ever since they came to existence.

The village owns a matter of one type of commodity to step out.

All you need to know about Patalkot and its people:

Bharia is a tribal clan that resides in these valleys. The people of this village or the way of their living were not known until just a few years ago. It is located in very tricky surroundings in the depths of the Satpura valley; one can only visit this place via a diversion route on the way to Bhopal from Chhindwara. Patalkot didn’t even exist on the Indian maps for the longest time.

Apart from the fantastic existence of this land in India, its tribal settlement is all the more fascinating. The people of this village have been living the life of Atmanirbhar at its epitome even before the term was launched.

It is also reported that the inhabitants only step out of the village to buy salt.

Patalkot is a land of about 72 km in area with a home to the Dudhi River, which serves the Bharia community as the life force.

Ever since the nation has started to get some knowledge of this location, its state government has built roads that lead directly into the valley. Before this provision, people used to find their ways to the valley on their foot as the road entirely dissociated the place.

Not only do these Dravidian-speaking Bharia tribes are far off from the foreign commodities they also live their lives in the protection of the ecosystem and maintain its balance.

According to a report by Dr. Kaynat Kazi concerning the Betterment of India, these inhabitants live in mud-houses and with roofs that are made out of clay tiles. It is also known that many villages in this village are still unknown or are inaccessible to a man outside their boundaries, and it is also believed that the rays of the sun reach them only for a few hours every day.

Apart from this, the people living here in the valley are so profound in the knowledge of hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs that grow in their surroundings. Many Bhagats live in this valley; they have been termed this name because of their community work as herbal healers.

It is time that the nation and hence the world learns from the way these people have been living their life ever since the place was created. These people believe in living a life more simply with nature and its wonders that provide them with fruits, vegetables, and water.

The people living here have also started making their own homegrown produced vegetative or other herbs for their farms or family. These people don’t believe in cutting down trees instead use those trees which have already fallen due to some fundamental issues.

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In this highlight of living life in an Atmanirbhar format, Patalkot gives us the best example from our grounds. And even though it is not possible to completely cut off the facilities of air conditioners to vehicles which provide us with the momentum, we can give it at least a try.

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