Instagram launched a new feature “Reels” as an alternative to Tiktok

Instagram launched a new feature “Reels” as an alternative to Tiktok


After being tested in Brazil, Germany, and France, Instagram now launches its new feature, Reels in India. This feature was launched at 7:30 PM IST on the 8th of July.

To launch Reels, Instagram has partnered with renowned music labels. Which will provide users to utilize this feature to make fascinating Reels to share it with everyone. This feature is already integrated with the app (Instagram) itself.

How to use the new feature ‘Reels’ on Instagram?

This Reels option is added alongside features such as Boomerang, Superzoom, and others. To create any new Reels to share on your Instagram accounts, one has to open their camera option first.

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It allows users to record a video of about 15 seconds after selecting the ‘Reels’ tool from the other options available.

Any creator can choose to use the music tracks available in the application, or they are free to customize audio; that is, they can attach their voice for the video clips. Other features that this option provides the users is to speed-up or slow down their clips.

It also has an AR (Augmented Reality) effect, which can be used to make fun and exciting videos. Along with an Alignment option, which will help creators maintain their position while recording multiple clips in front of the camera.

After getting reviewed from different countries as feedback, it was decided to launch a separate explore space for Reels. So that they could easily be discovered. Similar to IGTV, creators will also have a different section for Reels on their profile page.

After the Tik Tok ban in India, could Reels possibly be its replacement?

No doubt videos occupy about a third of the whole Instagram. From which, about 45 percent of videos are 15 seconds or less. Instagram Reels are still under the testing phase and could rise to be a potential competitor to Tik Tok rivals in India, such as Chingari, Moj, Roposo, and Mitron.

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Various Indian Tik Tok users have already asked their followers to look out for their new content on this new feature by Instagram. Monetization options are also expected to be introduced once Reels takes off in India. No official public rollout date has been announced yet.

Reels are termed as the new feature of entertainment. The only motive behind launching this feature is to help the content creators to become potentially ‘Global Stars,’ says Vishal Shah, Facebook’s Vice President of Product.

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