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International Nurses Day: Meet Superwoman Archana Vala

On the occasion of International Nurses Day meet Mrs. Archana Vala, one such COVID-19 warrior. She’s a staff nurse at a Mumbai government hospital, who tested positive for the deadly infection on 17th April.

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Archana Vala has been working as a staff nurse in Mumbai for the last 20 years and When the coronavirus outbreak happened in India, she worked very hard to help the infected patients. But unfortunately, during a routine swap test on 17th April, she was herself diagnosed coronavirus positive. Later admitted on 19th April.

Fortunately, her symptoms weren’t severe and she recovered within 7 days. She suffered from mild fatigue, headache, and body pain. She didn’t have a cold, cough, or shortness of breath, unlike other patients. And she didn’t let these symptoms develop as she took a lot of precautions.

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It took her patience, positivity, and lots of determination to conquer coronavirus. And she did conquer it in style with her power. When she stepped foot in her building society after her recovery, she was given a grand welcome by her neighbors and they congratulated her and tagged her with the name of Superwoman.

She is back in the game and she is doing all she can to save other patients from this deadly virus. We salute to such heroes like Archana Vala.

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Doctors, nurses, policemen, emergency health workers, cleaning staff, water supply workers, electricity providers, banking professionals each and every COVID-19 warrior must be respected. They will be inspired, motivated, and feel supported through these testing times.

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