Investment: A guide on how to become RICH!!

Investment: A guide on how to become RICH!!


I have once read a quote, “Poor people use what is earned and save what is left. Whereas Rich people invest what is earned and use what is left.”
This quote stands true in all aspects. A normal person usually keeps all his savings in a Bank Account. A Bank Account often yields a 4% interest per annum. This is not a good option considering all the short-term investing options available in the market.


Let us look into a few investment ideas available at this moment:

  • Fixed Deposits (FD): A fixed deposit is a financial instrument provided by banks and NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Corporations). FD provides investors with more returns as compared to regular saving accounts; if held till the maturity period.
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  • Benefits of FD:
    · Customers can avail loans against FDs up to 80 to 90 percent of the value of deposits. The rate of interest on the loan could be 1 to 2 percent over the rate offered on the deposit.
    · Residents of India can Open these accounts for a minimum of seven days.
    · Investing in a fixed deposit earns you a higher interest rate (4 to 7.5 %) than depositing your money in a saving account.
  • Recurring Deposit (RD): A recurring deposit is a financial instrument provided by banks and NBFC, which offers investors to pay monthly installments and get benefits similar to FD.

  • The benefits of RD are similar to that of FD.
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  • Bullion: Indians are known to invest their hard-earned money in Gold for centuries. Gold and silver are precious metals that are considered as a safe haven as its value is never known to decrease significantly.
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  • Currently, many brokerage firms, as well as apps like PhonePe, provides the option to buy Gold in small quantities. You can buy Gold worth 100₹.
  • Real estate: Another safe haven out there. Buying Land or properties is a good investment, but it is not easily affordable to many.
  • Bonds: Bonds are fixed return instruments usually issued by Government or Companies. The government or company issue bonds to raise liquid, and investors get guaranteed return on the same. Bonds have a maturity date on which the investment amount is repaid to the investor. This is a very broad investment idea, and we will look into it in detail whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Stocks: Stocks are ownership certificate of a company—every company issue stock certificates, also known as shares, which can be traded over stock markets. Stocks are the most widely used investment asset as it can give good returns (100% in one month or even more than that) in a short span. Investing in stocks includes the risk of losing money.
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  • Looking to invest in stocks??

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  • Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are an open-ended personally managed fund that takes money from investors and invests in the assets as mentioned above. It shares the profit earned by investments with the investors. Mutual funds are good assets as it is handled by experts and should be considered by beginners.
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  • Disclaimer: Investing is subject to market risk. All investment option is expressed by the writer of the article by personal research. The writer is not a registered investment advisor nor a broker. This article is just educational purposes. Although best efforts are made to keep the information up to date and accurate, kindly, DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE INVESTING.
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