Is Government thinking to ban PUBG and other 250+ Chinese apps?

Is Government thinking to ban PUBG and other 250+ Chinese apps?


The Indian government is considering a list of more than 275 Chinese apps including PUBG and Ali Express, they will be considered for checking any violation of national security and user secrecy, warning heightened inspection, and there is a high possibility of more Chinese web-companies to get banned in our country.

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This comes after the ban of high-profile Chinese apps last month, including short video app TikTok, and other 58 apps. Amid raging geopolitical tensions between the two countries India and China.

According to the latest list, considered by ET, includes gaming app PubG backed by China’s most valuable internet major Tencent, Zili by Xiaomi, AliExpress, by e-commerce Alibaba. Entertaining applications of dance and music like Russo and ULike from TikTok was also got banned.

As per the officials, the government might ban all, none or few of the apps from the list. 

A spokesperson for the Central Government from the home ministry did not acknowledge to queries from ET on the applications. But, one of the official sources said reviews intended at identifying more Chinese apps and their funding is in progress. “Some of these apps have been red-flagged due to security reasons, while others have been listed for violation of data sharing and privacy concerns.”

This is in expanding to exploring the alleged flow of personal data from these apps in their home country that poses a warning to the government and uprightness of India. As per the officials who led to what they termed as China’s data-sharing pattern that needs companies of Chinese-origin to share data with China, irrespective of the location they operate.

What will happen after PUBG get banned?

Earlier people were confused about why has PUBG not been banned? The most demanded phone game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG, was generated by Brendan Greene, who hails from Ireland.

The massively successful game which is played between unknowns too, a boon in Indian households, did not find a place in the long list of 59 Chinese apps which were collectively termed as “engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order.”  But now it will soon be banned by Electronic and information technology ministry. We are receiving memes and funny youtube videos on PUBG getting banned, but deep down, we all are going to miss this game.

  • Better Time Pass

Many young minds are involved and highly engaged in the game. Often people skip their sleep or day schedule because of the one long PUBG game. No doubt it was adding health issues but people and especially children, using this as a Corona-time pass tool. 

  • It has been recently reported that a 20-year-old young boy from Jagitial, Telangana died while playing the PUBG game. The report says that the young boy was regularly playing the game for the last 45 days and underwent severe neck pain. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital in Hyderabad, where he died during the treatment. It resulted because he played the game at a long stretch due to which his neck nerves were completely damaged.
  • There was a boy who has failed in his first-year university exam because he wrote about ‘how to play PUBG game’ only in the Economics exam. It has been discovered and told by the young boy himself that in his previous exam he had cleared with distinction but later got addicted to the online game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds he lost track. He told others about his addiction that he has missed classes only for playing this game.

Do We Have Alternative?

Some debates are never going to stop. Be it between Messi vs. Ronaldo or PUBG vs. Fortnite. Fortnite stands at the top of this list because of some gaming reasons.

Fortnite is based upon the insane, confused, and exciting style of action-packed game. It is like a PUBG battleground full of competitive multiplayer but still is completely different. Remember the dull, dark landscape of PUBG? But here the case is different. The game offers a wide color range and is more vibrant. Also, they have multiple features and theme which can be used by the players in between.

  • There is one more game in the market which came way before PUBG and Fortnite. This game is H1Z1, which came with different flavors. This game has slowly built its following and fame; it was a technically slow game but is simple and very straightforward.
  • Rust; A completely differently toned game from other genres. It is a continuation and survival battle royale game. The game begins with you being naked, and you are provided with rock and fire only. You have to be the survivor and beat the other 399 players. It is thrilling, as well as its combat style is different. 

Loss to China after ban on Chinese Apps

Last month, the Indian government banned the 59 Chinese apps, which led to enormous losses for China. Particularly, ByteDance suffered for more than 45,000 crore loss. So, this time the figure can go beyond the expectations.

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If the Indian government is seriously planning to remove out all Chinese products from India, it should begin with the elephant in the room. By undertaking the more significant challenges ahead, here, the government has to assure that ban of the Chinese apps is just a preview of what planned next. By neglecting to take bold and timely actions, the goal of achieving an Atmanirbhar Bharat would remain a blank dream.

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