Rachel, is that you? The Internet is blowing over Jennifer Aniston’s look-a-like

Rachel, is that you? The Internet is blowing over Jennifer Aniston’s look-a-like


A blogger has been trending on the Internet as people find her nearly identical to the ‘Friends’ actor Jennifer Aniston.

Catlin, an interior design blogger who goes by the name ‘The Kindred Ginger’ on social media, is a doppelganger of Jennifer Aniston.

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It all started when a California-based hairstylist Stephanie Carrillo posted a picture of Catlin on Instagram. Along with the film, she wrote, “I can assure you she is not Jennifer Aniston.”

Stephanie Carrillo is a hairstylist in Orange country, California. In an interview, she told me that Catlin is a client of hers.

On explaining the picture she took, Stephanie Carrillo said, “She has been a long-time client of mine, and all her transformations have been reposted and each time people go nuts, saying ‘Is it, Jennifer? Hello, Rachel Green? We’ve had fun.” Stephanie claimed to have messages like “Omg! Jennifer Aniston? I didn’t know you did her hair.”

The entire social media is freaking out over this celebrity doppelganger. Fans have been comparing Catlin’s looks to Rachel Green from Friends specifically. Rachel Green is a prevalent character of Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston
Rachel Green aka Jennifer Aniston from Friends (Image Source: Central Perk)

Having almost similar face cut, hair color, and light blue-grey eyes, Catlin has a striking resemblance to Jennifer Aniston. And not to forget her classic beachy wavy haircut. Stephanie gave the same hair to Catlin. 

It seems like these two women could pass off as one another in public. Catlin’s overall look undeniably gives off vibes of Jennifer.

On being asked how it feels to be Jennifer Aniston’s look-a-like, Catlin said, “I could feel myself blush. I didn’t know what to say.” The overall experience of going viral is shocking for Catlin. She stated,” I never thought that a part of my footprint in the social media world would be because of a resemblance to a celebrity.”

This is not the first time that Catlin has received all these comments. But the first time, she has gained a lot of attention because of her similarities to Jennifer.

On recalling how it all started, Catlin said,” I have gotten the ‘You look like Rachel from “Friends”‘ or ‘You look like Jennifer Aniston’ comments since I was in high school. I’ve never understood it as I think Jennifer is far more beautiful, and I’m sincerely flattered by the comparison… I’ve got it countless times since then.”

Catlin indeed is a massive fan of Jennifer Aniston. She remarked cutely, “I send my apologies to Jennifer.”

There’s no confirmation if this news has reached to Jennifer. Fans are still waiting for how she will react to her doppelganger situation.

This is undoubtedly one of the celebrity look-a-likes we won’t be forgetting soon.

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It is not every day that one comes across someone who resembles this, similar to Jennifer Aniston.

Catlin looks like Jennifer! What do you think?

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