Journalists are resigning: Exposing unethical practices

Journalists are resigning: Exposing unethical practices


With conviction or without, Pandemic has been the rat race for Journalists over various Indian news channels who have accomplished their role to demolish journalism in any manner possible.

The ultimate list over the news concerning the Rhea Chakraborty case has changed its meaning over three months. Now, at some point lies happiness within Indian news channels and their speakers.

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And if we wish to hear something more concerning than the rivalry of said two governments in the picture, some of India’s population would love to know what is happening to the PM funds? Or the State funds? Or, for that matter, ‘Maybe’ the Pandemic?

In all this, Republic Tv journalists have had enough of the fallacy running behind the desk that the nation looks at.

In a more astonishing format, the tables, or our case, the desk has turned its event, Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV is now facing the other side of journalism, Criticism. The internet has now witnessed several employees who have resigned from their posts and are now hell-bent on telling the world the actual reasons for ‘Why?’.

One of which was Shantasree Sarkar, who shared her reasons over twitter and found a louder voice to escalate her senses to the nation with the help of Farhan Akhtar.

Here is the thread about the reasons of why she quit and decided to back away from the news channel.

This leaves some Arnab fans to second guess their stance over the social court.

Journalism is not about creating, instead of reporting what exists and is real.

Making her one of the many journalists finally standing up with Grace to speak against the nation’s news. The most critical place where civilians learn about their country. But, what if everyone was living under a rock, with a tag “Delusion.”

Last month, another Arnab’s Colleague sensationally left this infamous Indian News Channel over the TV channel’s journalistic ethics. Tejinder Singh Sodhi announced his resignation from Republic TV with a coruscating tweet.

Republic TV’s Jammu & Kashmir Bureau Cheif Tejinder Singh Sodhi’s letter exposes the incredible internal work culture of Republic TV and Mr. Goswami’s abusive nature. The 3600 word long letter not only reveals the services used by Arnab for his reporters and what they deal with.

Some snippets of the letter read,

“We all know that Arnab has been making huge money, the people in his cotree also make huge money, but the people who do the actual work are given peanuts. After an initial few weeks, I realized that the Channel was all about Arnab only, and he does not believe in teamwork or team efforts. It took me a few months to realize that for Republic, everybody else was just a filler, who fills the vacuum of Arnab’s absence from the screen throughout the day, and in the evening, the stage is taken over by Arnab. An incident happened where the Republic team was not allowed to cover the Congress Press Conference in Delhi; we were asked to protest outside the congress office in our respective states by wearing black bands. This is not the journalist’s job to protest against a political party, but we had no option, so everybody did that.”

Further, Tejinder Singh Sodhi shared his insights towards how he was forced to get Sunanda Pushkar’s father on record to say Shashi Tharoor killed his daughter.

I got a call from someone on the desk without naming anyone in particular, but he was forced by the person to hide near the house of the father of Sunanda Pushkar. The staff is never said anything in advance, and Sodhi was told to enter the house and shove the mic in the mouth of Ms. Pushkar’s elderly father and blatantly force him to blame Shashi Tharoor for Sunanda Pushkar’s death. When Sodhi refused after looking at Pushkar Nath Dass and his condition, he negatively responded to the desk. Over which Arnab was furious and asked him to get Mr. Dass over the camera.

With a history of lousy tolerance that Mr. Goswami proclaims shows nothing but the degradation in what you “Preach what you teach.” Slowly when journalists around the country realized the propaganda from MP, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Bangalore, and every other bureau resigned because of the editorial policies.

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Arnab Goswami had launched Republic TV in 2017 with BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar. And year after its launch, he found the Hindi Channel, “Republic Bharat.”

We can swiftly point at Arnab and his desk with the intent of shoddy journalism. It isn’t just him. Various Indian News channels act over the real frames and prefer exaggerating the imprecise schemes.

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