Jubin Nautiyal is going to make his Hollywood Debut with “Breaking the Rules”

Jubin Nautiyal is going to make his Hollywood Debut with “Breaking the Rules”


While these lockdown days might not have been extremely beneficial for most of us, artist-singer Jubin Nautiyal has learned how to achieve an exceptional accomplishment by creating an English track for a film called ‘Initiation.’

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This song marks the adventurous debut of Jubin in Hollywood. The vocalist writer is very hopeful and says that he has taken in the ways of Hollywood now, and wouldn’t see any problems with taking up more projects.

The song will be out in two languages. The English name would be ‘Breaking the Rules’ and will likewise have Hindi version too for Indian delivery. The Hindi version will be ‘Aatishbaazi,’ The melodies have been delivered by a 13-year-old child, who may be the youngest maker to date. The song has a vintage ’70s awesome vibe, and this whole task felt extremely warm and ideal for taking a shot at.

Jubin Nautiyal has also sung songs in his local and native languages like Garhwali and Jaunsari. He was organizing garden concept during Lockdown.

The ‘Humnava Mere’ singer says that he made some extraordinary memories working for Hollywood and might want to do it all the more regularly; however, he needs to take things moderate. “At the point, when I began dealing with the sounds and music of ‘Breaking the Rules,’ I calculated that I am great at it, so, I was upbeat. Be that as it may, going ahead, I will take each extend each in turn. I won’t bounce into everything all simultaneously. There are a couple of tasks coming to my direction, so how about we see,” says Nautiyal.

As this whole undertaking finished during the lockdown, Nautiyal likewise needed to shoot and direct the music recordings for it all alone. This also denotes his first time at the helm.

In any case, his energy lies in music, and he says that he wouldn’t take up heading again except if essential. “This song has the most effortless soundtrack as I found it an easy job. As we were going Hollywood, we expected to shoot the music recordings also, and I was unable to get my hands on any chief due to the lockdown. So this will likewise be my first time at the helm,” says the singer, including that most definitely, he will never take it up full time.

“My acting is finished in the music video recording itself. I don’t think I am persuaded enough to act only for acting. At the point when I am doing a music video, I am roused to such an extent that regardless of whether I need to represent music, I wind up doing it. In any case, I think my shop of singing is also tied up in an acting affair somewhere,” finishes up Nautiyal with an optimistic chuckle.

 In 2014, the singer had a special place into the heart of people by singing ‘Ek Met’ at Sonali Cable. Jubin has never reversed since then.

As his first song sounded like a remix of “Ek Mulakat Zaroori Sanam,” he later emerged as the most prominent singer of the remix. The main thing about Jubin’s songs is that his remixes don’t wrap up many times. He sings the whole song, and thanks to that, he has made his loved ones. 

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Jubin’s recent song of Kabir proved to be such a big hit that his name was spoken throughout Bollywood. The main thing is that Arijit Singh has also sung this song. But Jubin’s sung version, above Arijit, proved to be a more hit. It was believed that Bollywood had now got the option of Arijit. Also, Jubin’s songs sung in ‘Kaabil’ were fiercely liked. Like Prateek Kuhad, we can count our Bollywood sensational Jubin in Hollywood now. India awaits for his song.

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