Karma & Life

Karma & Life

I’ve been facing some existential crisis lately. Not because there’s anything wrong happening in my life. But because I’ve started questioning the struggles of others. It’s weird though. I’m having questions about things I can never get answers for.

I’ve grown up believing in Karma.

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I have always believed that you get what you give. It has helped me be kind. But as I lie down comfortably on my bed and switch the AC on, I almost feel a level of discomfort. As I grumble about my day being tiring after preparing a meal; I feel guilty for not appreciating the life that has been given to me.

It’s then when I start questioning the karma of a baby who was born without a home. It’s then when I start questioning the karma of a starving dog! When I start questioning the karma of the woman who gets beaten by her husband everyday.

People claim it’s the karma of their past life that has given them a life like this.
But isn’t it unfair? To be punished for something you don’t remember doing.?
Why do some people get everything they want and some strive way too hard for it?
What if our lives have been predestined and there’s nothing we can do about it!?

Maybe it is. We’ll never know. But the thing that makes me find solace among st all these questions is to actually do something for someone in need. Not because I’d be rewarded for it, but because that’s the least I can do to find my inner peace!

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