Kerala Gold Smuggling Case: Resign Kerala CM is trending

Kerala Gold Smuggling Case: Resign Kerala CM is trending


From the sudden spikes that rose in the COVID-19 cases in Kerala to the Gold smuggler theory behind the CM of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan has been trending on twitter.

On Sunday, Senior Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala questioned the role of the Office of Chief Minister in the sensational gold smuggling case and demanded that CM Pinarayi Vijayan should be questioned. He said that this is the time for investigating the role of CMO in the smuggling case asking the Chief Minister himself.

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Chennithala went on to address that the Office of Chief Minister has deteriorated into a ‘Safe’ for smugglers after the Left front acclaimed Mr. Vijayan to be an able administrator.

Gold of worth rupees 15 crores was taken a hold, which was received at the airport as diplomatic cargo. The package was addressed to an official in the consulate of the United Arab Emirates(UAE). The customs at the airport suspected that some organization misused the diplomatic immunity to smuggle it into the state.

Currently, the case has been under the investigations of the Customs and the National Investigation Agency. Which by the sources suggest has booked four individuals who were a part of the smuggling, namely, Swapna Suresh, Sarith, Sandeep Nair, and Fasil Fareed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

While on the other hand, as the Covid-19 graph seems to peak in the state amounting to two places under community transmission in Thiruvananthapuram, Poonthura, and Pulluvila. The Congress leader went ahead by saying that the State government should take strict remedial measures against the spread. And that the testings and the facilities provided to the patients must be constructed.

Ramesh Chennithala also mentioned that the Left government is failing to conduct more tests. Because they fear it would diminish their image built with the help of their Public relations.

Speculations were made which were put forth in terms of data manipulation by the government raising concerns.

Further, Mr. Chennithala alleged that it was “Consultancy Raj,” mentioning congress was never against consultancies. But, the selections and allocations should follow some strict norms for better results. This came out after the consultant agencies have been appointed against the central CPM leadership’s decision.

 He further added that Sandeep Nair, who is assumed to be the key suspect in the case, had claimed that M. Sivasankar, the former principal secretary to the CM, helped the suspects in the recent gold smuggling.

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This havoc in the state raised many questions regarding the political party associated with the area of concern. Similar cases have been witnessed regarding the data manipulation amidst Coronavirus in Maharashtra about a month ago.

Thus Civilians raised questions regarding the rule in Kerala, and since then, ‘Resign Kerala CM’ has been a trend.

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