Who is the Lake Man of India? Protector of the Environment

Who is the Lake Man of India? Protector of the Environment


“I want to help plants and animals and water by being their servants. I will spend my entire life here.” pledges Kame Gowda.

Kame Gowda also known as Lake Man is an 82-year-old Shepard from Daasanadoddi village in Mandya district of Karnataka.

It’s been ages people have been fighting for the environment, and petitions have made their way for the rescue of animals. The environment is a crucial part of everyone’s life, which has been neglected like an old penny.

lake man kame gowda

Can we not even provide water to the animals? “Neither the forest department nor the head of the village or the government has done anything,” Lake man said. With time many forget the small things in life. Of how one gets food from or for that matter how animals live on their own when we snatch their homes from them by destroying nature?

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It is easier said than done. It is vital to stand up for something but to fulfill it is an obligation for many.

Lake man’s great works were published in The New Indian Express; soon after that, people started recognizing him even more. People from Karnataka and then from the country got to know.

Later in the recent ‘Mann Ki Baat’ broadcast, Prime Minister Modi referred to Mr. Gowda as a “Water warrior.” He went on to describe how Kame Gowda managed to dig ponds near his village so that the area which was patched in summer could have access to water all year round.

Lake man lived like a wild animal from the age of 5. “If I do not help the animals, I will be no less than a demon. Trees and ponds are precious to any place. Why don’t humans understand this? People are selfish. They want everything. I don’t want to be a part of this.” he said.

Out of the vast population of India, Kame Gowda was the one who understood the needs of a being who cannot speak for themselves. “Like human beings, animals don’t get the opportunity to sit for protests or send request applications to the government so that they can get food and water. Can elephants or other animals dig ponds for themselves? ” He said.

Looking at how the animals suffered from the scarcity of water, he took the initiative to make over 14 ponds. The ponds that allow water to run through them even in the scorching summers.

How did Lake man manage?

All the earnings and the money that Mr. Gowda received from his awards went on to hiring the JCBs. They helped him dig to create the ponds. As of now, more than 15 lakhs have been wisely spent. He has even made pathways.

Looking from what background Kame Gowda came, his family wanted him not to waste time and his money over something that would not help his children or his grandchildren. But, according to him, money and the world’s precious gold can be made and can be lost. But, this is the kind of service everyone will remember forever.

lake man kame gowda

He has also named ponds after his grandchildren. Only after he was recognized for his endeavors that made a barren land into a fairyland did his family and many villagers realize what he did and continue to do was extraordinary and selfless work.

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Recently the Karnataka government announced a lifetime free bus to Kame Gowda so that he can travel wherever he wants to on the buses that are run by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC).

This is the most beautiful gift that Kame Gowda gave us. And we can never be Thankful enough!

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