Inclusiveness is what LGBTQIA+ stands for; Meet Soumya who owns her sexuality

Inclusiveness is what LGBTQIA+ stands for; Meet Soumya who owns her sexuality


Soumya embraced her true self at the age of 23, though, she always knew what she wanted, but it took her time to accept the way God made her. It was never a surprise to me.

Soumya shares, “I always knew what I was and my preferences. I never felt attracted towards the opposite gender.”

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Soumya had to struggle for 5 years to make her family understand and accept her the way she was meant to be. It took her a lot of time to make her family receive and let her be comfortable about her sexuality, but in the end, they did understand her.

“At first, my mom was furious at me. But my counselor always said, ‘if you cant convince your family, how do u expect the world to accept you’? I never gave in to other’s opinions and stood firm on my ground. That doesn’t mean being against them. I believe life cannot be based on sacrifices you don’t want to make.”
It hasn’t always been a cakewalk for Soumya; coming out in the open was the most significant step in her life. She had to hear horrible things from many people she knew. They told her that owning up to her sexuality will lead her to be shunted by everyone in her family. She might not be invited to a family function, and she might fail to get a job. But it turned out to be rather liberating for her; things didn’t go as wrong as her relatives claimed it would go, people grew to be more inclusive around her with time. “Freedom is the greatest gift of life, and compromising with freedom can never make us happy. I feel more productive and happy after coming out. It feels a load is off my chest,” Soumya shares.


Soumya is lucky to have a supportive mother and always stands with her having her back, no matter what.

“She proved that mothers just want their kids to be happy,” she adds.
This pride month, she hopes to see more acceptance and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. It takes generations to bring a change and changes people’s mentality; she hopes everyone plays their role in creating history and a future where people from LGBTQIA+ community will no longer have to fight for inclusiveness.

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