Live-In Relationship: All you need to know about it

Live-In Relationship: All you need to know about it


Love bounded by no laws, by no pain of legal notion. Are Live-In Relationships even worth it?

Are you thinking of taking further steps in your relationship? Living together sounds exciting and, at the same time exciting to you? If the answer to all these similar questions is a ‘yes,’ then you are probably or, in some cases heading in the right direction. And maybe a live-in relationship is how you can go about with it.

In your casual lives, you have been spending a lot of time with your partners, maybe be at sugary dinner dates or movie outings, and all you keep pondering is how you can maximize your time together. It is sometimes annoying to think that you have to leave your significant other after a delightful day. And you would wish for them to stay with you for much longer. And you want these lovely moments to be a never-ending loop.

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Living together would mean to look at the significant others or having to see their glimpse every day. This point of thought that maybe at some point you might want to take things way further than just a live-in relationship and most likely tie a knot. To a great surprise to deal with all these questions is to give live-in a try if you’re willing to accept the challenges and the accountabilities that come along with it.

live-in relationship

For the bonds that find themselves genuinely in love but are somehow on the verge of questioning themselves to fear of permanent commitment. Live- in seems to be the perfect midway. The perks of living together without being bound by any matrimonial rules and live up to your relationship and enjoy the closeness.

Quite amazingly, it is no more of a hush-hush in India when it comes to live-in relationships. But, they are and finally taking off and coming out of their closets. And experts say it is legal.

Young couples who’d wish to explore various boundaries of their relationship can opt for this way of living. To understand themselves and understand the person whom they would want to live with.

On another note, individuals now find it hard to live on their own as rents of apartments are rising like a hurricane tide. So, living together can officially make life much more straightforward in your pocket as the household spending would go into half policies.

Now there are times that one might find it challenging to live with another person because of his or her behavioral traits. The way they keep their dishes or the way they keep their house. Or how lazy they are or, at times, how ignorant or arrogant someone can be. Living together means you will have to start accepting the other person you chose to live with: the good and the worse.
But, again, it’s up to you to work it out or fall out of it.

The bottom line is that the two of you are in a relationship. And just like a married couple as a live-in couple too, you will have your set of challenges. Even if you aren’t married, sometimes living together may cause some levels of differences.

Pros and Cons of Live-in Relationship

Looking at the Pros:

  • You can finally say no more to goodbyes as you’ll be able to sleep together after dinner or movie nights.
  • Finally, mornings will start with the first cup of tea or coffee.
  • There can be times you can cook meals for each other and surprise the other one.
  • Living like couples without any significant tag of being married and being committed to one another.
  • There will be freedom to things without anyone invading your privacy.
  • It is a win-win when it comes to sharing the finances, the rent, the bills, and saves up as well.
  • If you ever wish to get married, you know what you’re opting for

Looking at the Cons:

  • If for any reason you end up in a breakup, there are fewer chances to get back together. Because now you’d be lacking the significance of commitment.
  • There is not much family support in your arguments or disputes.
  • It is the worst if one of you cheats on the other one.
  • There is very little support from society, especially for women.

As it is evident, live-in relationships have their own set of challenges and advantages. It is up to the couples to make it work and reap the benefits and minimize the issues. That is where it becomes essential to agree on some rules.

live-in relationship
Golden Rules for being in a live-in relationship
  • It is vital to understand that live-relationships does also require a set of accordance—a way of living. There must be rules to how you live this new life that you’ve recently built or are going to in the future.
  • Decide the fine print on finances: well, you are going to run a house together. It is like the entail rule. Plan out how you will be living sooner than later.
  • Divide the chores too: As obnoxious as it may sound, one person cannot handle a life of two. It is time that both start dividing work-related from laundry to tidying up the house. This would very likely avoid any future fights related to this subject.
  • Be clear on why you are taking this plunge: It is not a game to decide to live in together because you want to. It is a big decision for your life to make it wisely.
  • Sorting out troubles together: Initially, everything is mellow. But, as you start getting the hang of living together fights, arguments over small things, irritation is bound to happen. Now, at this time, you are required to think before you act.
Now, should one even experience living in a live-in relationship?

It was tallied that about one-third of the Americans in the ’90s who were married lived in a live-in relationship before. It is influential that western culture affects us. And it is excellent and instead not that very well received.

Experiences make things better or worse. It is better to know something beforehand than to have suffered a long way and then discover it. This is where live-in relationships are fruitful. You understand your partner. The idea of their living or the way your adaptation to their life. The constant need for space and its understanding.

Looking at these captivating aspects, you must be comfortable with the other person you want to spend your entire life with.

live-in relationship

Apart from all the fun stuff, such as building your own house, maintaining it, or sharing things. Living together needs attention to the formation of the two individuals as one. To grow old together, sounds melodious to one’s ears. But how much are you even ready to share? Living together requires you to be transparent not only to yourself but with your partner as well. There must be a perfect harmonizing balance between the two bodies.

On an average rate, a normal bachelor has been questioned several times about when they will be getting married. As much as the next door aunties are interested in the lives of a young bachelor, it is essential and high time that people, considering our country, India, understand the boundaries of letting the youngs understand what is right or wrong for them.

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Having to show affection in public is not a crime, but we still hear about it in the news, and yet there are no projections of those men who pee on any stranded wall that they may find.

It is essential to appreciate the law. And it is also necessary to understand your relationship with your partner. The critical ingredient to nourish any relationship is to talk it out. And the only thing that matters is that are you even ready to live-in with someone?

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