Local trains off-limits for most: Commutes Call for Desperate Measures

Local trains off-limits for most: Commutes Call for Desperate Measures


With Local trains gone, people from far-flung areas have been spending time this time around with difficulties in commuting in the city. Some have also fallen for desperate measures by making fake IDs to reduce via public transports.

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With the ongoing pandemic threat, the local trains, auto rickshaws, BEST busses, and daily life sources came to a standstill. Eventually, only specific categories of essential workers are now eligible to hold over the prestigious public transport, the local train, often called the city’s lifeline.

Local trains connect the ends of Mumbai city. With the cheapest commodity for Mumbai and Mumbai’s local now only left for few to access.

On the 15th of August, the Government Railway Police at Wadala registered an FIR against a 33-year-old Jamaluddin Ansari (33) after he was found to be traveling by local trains using a fake BMC ID.

After a ticket checker had suspicions of whether the ID was even valid or not, Ansari was taken to the GRP, where he revealed that he was indeed working at a retail clothing store and not for the BMC. And claimed that his employer made a fake ID at Rs 1200 so that he could commute.

Even though having a fake BMC ID, Ansari had a valid local train ticket/pass. It has been that people nowadays don’t even bother to buy a railway ticket. Recently, about 25 passengers were taken aside at an immediate checking at Nalasopara station. And when they were questioned, the standard answer was highlighted that the roadways public transports is expensive for daily usage.

Local trains shut out for Locals living in Mumbai have brought a heavy still in the city’s movement. Traveling from Borivali to Nalasopara has become a challenge, and the money which was spent over a month is not getting paid in just the amount of 2 days span.

It isn’t just about the money, Time and Health is also the original plan to look into.

Traveling through roads isn’t tedious. But, when it comes to Mumbai, and it’s traffic and its wondrous ways, the task to travel daily via road becomes hefty. Especially during monsoon season.

On the other hand, those who don’t have to spend a penny as they have serviced are organized by their employers. Have concerns over Health and their time. Daily workers from doctors to mail carriers have been risking their lives and giving their precious time at this hour.

As the Trains are off-limits for the time being, all the railway traffic has been shifted to the road, which hasn’t just doubled the number of vehicles running but has also created massive disorder. Traffic in Mumbai has no time and place, even if it is the Pandemic.

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There aren’t many privileges when it comes to traveling by train as well. Even though few have the advantage of owning a BMC pass and the trains are running on time even when in the rains, there is still rush during traveling and barely any social distancing. And as many want to avoid the rush, they opt for BEST busses and eventually fall prey to road traffic.

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