Lockdown 4.0 will be totally different than the first three lockdown, PM Narendra Modi

Lockdown 4.0 will be totally different than the first three lockdown, PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the fifth time during this corona pandemic. He started with giving the example how world has faced this pandemic in last 4 months. He said that we have to fight it and move ahead. Our determination should stand taller than coronavirus. This is 21st century and it belongs to India. We have look into so many factors including enocomonic and social factor, he added.

India need to be independent and we are in a important point of turn. When corona pandemic started, India was not manufacturer of PPE kit and N95 mask but now we produce more than 2 lac kits and mask. We are good at converting disasters into opportunity. This will help us get independent interms of development and economically.

World is a family and we belive it in a way that we should not only look for only our comfort but we have to lookout for whole world as a family and take care of them as well. India’s development is directly related to World prosperity.

India has given gift like international yoga day, solar panels and medicines that we sent in this pandemic to the world. They trust India that it can do good for the betterment of the human being. World prosperity was our main motto from the ancient times.

I have seen the disasterous view of Kutch Earthquake. Nobody thought that kutch will be able to recover but you can see now how it has developed from that time, Modi ji said.

India independent stand five pillars, Economy, Infrastructure, Technology, Demography and Demand. Our supply chain should be strond enough to fulfill all our demands.

Modi ji also announced a economic package in the name of Independent India. It will be a lumsum of 20lac crore. It is around 10% of our GDP. We have considered labour, liquidity, law and so many other things in it. It will include small businesses and kutir udhyog and shramik labours and farmers as well. Detailed information will be provided by Finance ministers in following days.

We have reform the system in 6 years. Labour and poor of the country is getting money into his pocket while the govt offices are closed and transportation is also shut. They have got all the money without any problem.

We have seen the power and determination of the labour and poor people of the country. Ferry vendor , platform vendors, labours, and farmers will be given important place in this relief package. We have to go local, because it has helped us in this difficult time. All the global brands were local once. But when the people start using their products and advertise them, they became global. We have to be vocal about our local products.

Coronavirus is going to be with us for a long time. But we can’t limit ourself sue to corona. We will wear mask and follow social distancing but will focus on our aims. Lockdown 4 will be totally a new thing. It will be different from first 3 lockdown. All the information will be provided to you by 18th May. We will move ahead by doing what we can control. We have asked states to share their ideas and then we will look what we can do.

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