Why are Popular LOL Dolls becoming a reason for outrage in parents?

Why are Popular LOL Dolls becoming a reason for outrage in parents?


A children’s favorite LOL doll that reveals provocative outfits when dipped in cold water. This has prompted anger and wrathful calls for it to be removed from the shelves.

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The LOL Surprise! was Marketed as a range of LOL dolls for children, which includes toys with markings that resemble proactive underwear, handcuffs, fishnet stockings, word “caution” written on lingerie and a baby with a devil’s tail and wings.

As the toy is manufactured to be a surprise, the packaging does not inform the consumer what could be inside the package.

Cheryl Vardon, the Principal commissioner from the Queensland Family and Child Commission, said that it should be removed.

She even added that if a toy marketed for a child can display ‘secret outfits’ or insinuate adult images, then the parents and caretakers have the right to know before it is a surprise!

A mum’s outrage over LOL Dolls ‘most disgusting thing.’

The LOL dolls are widely available at various retailers in Australia and aren’t new to the market. The range of puppets has caused a social media storm in recent days after a Brisbane mother’s video went viral after sharing her opinions publicly.

It won’t be the first time if a range of dolls has caused outrage like this one.

Dolls fuelling sexualization of children

Justin Coulson, Parenting expert, and the best-selling author warned the LOL doll fuelled the overt and explicit sexualization of children.

Dr. Coulson even added that he was usually one to dampen down the outrage that social media hence promoted, but it was essential and justified this time.

The parenting expert also highlighted that international papers in the last decade had highlighted the overt and explicit sexualization of children, especially young girls.

Be it clothing in a big brand that is far too revealing for a particular age group or whether it’s a little LOL doll that you can dunk into the water, and suddenly see this kind of non-praisable exposure. And then the idea ‘when you see it you can be it’ sometimes follows up with naive mindsets, said Dr. Coulson.

Along with the LOL dolls, social media is abuzz with outraged parents after revealing not one but two doll ranges, the other one being the Trolls doll.

Hasbro pulled its Trolls world tour Giggle and Sang Poppy doll down over the placement of a button in the crotch.

Over the years, the famous Barbara a.k.a Barbie has been a topic of headlines in controversies from when a new launch of talking Barbie’s came over the shelves. Each doll was programmed to say a different handful of pre-recorded phrases, such as “I’ll always be here to help you,” “Do you have a crush on anyone?” and also “Math class is tough!”

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For which – Math class is sturdy and was captured in a heated way. For how Barbie had or could have had an adverse impact on children. Or for when Barbie promoted “Don’t eat” ideology, which was not progressive for growing children.

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