2 Shares to buy for short term period to make easy & quick money

2 Shares to buy for short term period to make easy & quick money


July marks the beginning of the second quarter for the current financial year. Second Quarter usually shows a good bull market in India due to monsoon and festive seasons like Ganesh Chaturthi and Dasera; which are considered as good time to buy stocks.

This year IMD has predicted for average monsoons so agriculture sector will surely benefit from the same. Also, social distancing norms will make people opt for private transport vehicles rather than public transport; so, automotive sector may see a upsurge with festivals approaching.

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Let’s look into some fundamentally strong shares which can give good returns in near future.

1. UPL:  The only Agro stock to make it into the Nifty 50 index, UPL is a top buy as India being an agriculture centric nation will look to make the most out this time. Also, Agriculture sector has proved its strength as it addresses the most essential commodity that no Pandemic or war can put a halt to.

UPL Limited, formerly United Phosphorus Limited, is an Indian MNC  that manufactures and markets agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, and specialty chemicals, and also offers crop protection solutions.


UPL recently acquired Laoting Biotech Co Ltd, a chinese firm. 2 Shares to buy for short term period to make easy & quick moneySince March crash UPL has gained a whooping 93%, which itself indicates the bullish trend in it. I recommend buying UPL at every possible Dip from hereon (try to buy at 430-440 level)

image 2 2 Shares to buy for short term period to make easy & quick money

By August start we may see it touching 500 levels, which will give approx. 15% result which is higher than any investment asset available. A healthy stop loss near 420 will be good for this stock.

image 3 2 Shares to buy for short term period to make easy & quick money

2. TVS Motors: The third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India, TVS is in a bull run currently. As mentioned earlier, two-wheeler sector will get a boost due to Covid and TVS is well placed to capitalize this. TVS provides a wide range of Moped at affordable prices, all will be looking to buy these. 

Already up by 60%, we can confirm that the stock is moving upwards and we should make some profit here.

I suggest buying TVS below 400 levels. We can see it reach 500 levels by dasera. Keep a healthy stop loss at 380.

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