Myths and reflection of deep imbibed Patriarchy about Bois Locker Room

Myths and reflection of deep imbibed Patriarchy about Bois Locker Room

Netizens went on a rampage on criticizing the Bois locker room controversy. People shared their opinion and started criticizing today’s generation. Well, the authorities took the matter in their hands and took a probe into the matter. Turns out the Snapchat screenshot having a message of promoting gang rape was done by a teen girl to test the boy.

After a few days, we have seen another case where an Instagram account named Titlee Pandey started surfacing all over the place, demanding justice for Manav Singh. As per the report, a 17-year-old boy was accused of rape by a teen girl, it happened 2 years back as she claimed. The investigation is yet to be done but the boy is already dead, he committed suicide after the threat and hate messages he got online.

Now, the flag bearers of patriarchy are hell-bent on portraying boys’ locker room incident with the suicide of Manav Singh. Which can not be further from the truth.

Now, I’m writing this as I see people proudly bashing, abusing feminism on every social media. They are proudly parading that how the teen boys of the boy’s locker room are innocent. Well, they forgot that the bois locker room case had multiple screenshots from multiple social media platforms. Well, they did share pictures of teens and talked really nasty things if not discussed raping them.

Like “all men are not the same”, all women do not have the privilege like you believe them to have. People have theories about the rich boys of the group using their parent’s influence in manipulating the fact, that’s still an assumption.

Now the majority of males around me are celebrating the innocence of the teen boys. Claiming that the entire group was fake, well that is not true. The snapchat Id suggesting for “gang rape” was operated by a teen girl in the name of a boy, rest of the people were still there, the conversation still happened.

With all due respect to late. Manav Singh, some times people commit suicide out of guilt too. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am all about him getting justice and punishing the teen girl who maligned his image by fake claims. But did you think, what if all her claims were true and he did rape her and he died out of guilt?

If our society was this great why are girls still molested in public places? Why nobody came forward to help Nirbhaya, she was lying half-dead on road? Why are women still burnt because her family failed to give dowry? Why the number of reports against domestic violence increased during a lockdown? And the question of millennia!

Why child pornography is one of the most sought after categories in the porn industry?

I can go on writing many questions like this but I don’t want to make you so uncomfortable that you’ll end up introspecting. I know that going to one hell of a ride for you if you start doing so.

Now, stop being a “Cry Baby” about feminism until you answer my questions. I am not a supporter of those who use feminism to gain attention, but real feminism is all about those women going through many things including the above-mentioned questions.

Now if you try coming up with cases like “Saravjeet Singh”, you are most welcome to do so but only with numbers of crimes against men by women in comparison with crimes against women by men. Unless you have well- researched number, please stop being a cry baby.

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