Nescafé’s New Ad is inspiring Youth to Start Working again in  Pandemic

Nescafé’s New Ad is inspiring Youth to Start Working again in Pandemic


Nescafé is back with another inspiring advertisement campaign to connect with the millennial. This time it focuses on re-starting the lives after a prolonged crisis.

Maggi and coffee brand Nestlé is known for its rejuvenating and contemporary advertising campaigns.

For the coffee lovers across the country, Nestlé India-owned coffee brand Nescafé has rolled out a new campaign, “Karne se hi hona hai” (only doing will make it possible).

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Conceptualized by advertising agency McCann India, the TVC urges the youth to gear up for a new normal and seize the opportunities in these trying times.

10 1 Nescafé’s New Ad is inspiring Youth to Start Working again in Pandemic
( Image from DG MANILA)

As many states are lifting lockdowns, everyday life and social activities are gradually resuming.  The latest television commercial features youngsters prepping up to go back and reclaim their regular lives after more than 100 days of being inside.

With upbeat background music, the ad communicates that even though life stood still in the pandemic, we must now restart our lives with renewed energy and focus. And discover newer ways to drive ourselves to attain our ambitions.

With sprawling into the joy of resuming their regular lives, the youngsters are stepping out, picking up a hobby, and starting an online channel. The tagline says, “It all restarts with a Nescafé.”

11 2 Nescafé’s New Ad is inspiring Youth to Start Working again in Pandemic
A still from the commercial says, “It all restarts with a Nescafé.”

The TV spot rightly hits the contemporary situation and nudges the people to deal with the crisis calmly and positively. The ad has also garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube in a week.

Sunayan Mitra, director of coffee & beverages, Nestlé India, said,” When India is restarting after a prolonged crisis, Nescafé through this campaign speaks of the spirit of purposiveness and resilience. The imagery in the film evocatively reflects this spirit.” 

He further added, “It is also a chance for everyone to take a moment and look at the bigger picture, adapt to the new world, and restart lives through conscious action. Nescafé, the purposeful ally, motivates and supports consumers in this endeavor.”

However, this is not the first time that Nestlé is using a common approach to engage with youths.

More recently, in June, Nestlé launched a virtual internship program called ‘Nesternship’ with Internshala, an internship, and an online training site. To help the youth to cope with these modern times, Nestlé has been offering courses to them.

Other Nestlé and Nescafé campaigns to connect with the millennial generation.  


Nescafé campaign #ItAllStarts began in 2014. With different stories of different people, the ads portrayed that anything is possible with determination and a cup of coffee.

The first ad of the campaign narrates the chronicles of a struggling and stammering stand-up comedian. The ad starts with him sharing his journey, mostly his rejections. Everyone thinks that he is a loser, but he never loses hope.

He keeps on entertaining his family and friends. And one day makes it big. He becomes a famous stand-up comedian who makes people laugh. 

Another famous ad portrays the story of a cartoonist who lost his job at a newspaper. While firing him, his senior mocked, “ Aaj Kal newspaper mei cartoon Kaun padta hai.”

Sipping coffee the other day, the sad yet determined boy draws cartoons when a brilliant thought strikes him. If newspapers can be published with pictures, then the cartoons can be published with the newspapers.

He shares his cartoons and drawings on social media and gets a positive response. And soon his art makes its way to t-shirts, tissues, shoes, etc.

A voice-over says, ” Life ka funda – Bas Ek coffee lagao, Aur lag jao.”

Both the stories grabbed the attention of the youth instantly. The brand motivated the young audience never to lose heart and always believe in their dreams: the plot, characters, their struggles, and positive conclusions connected with the audience.


Nescafé pulled off another heartwarming ad with RED FM in 2016 with a message of Staying Started and never giving up.

The story features a young radio jockey (RJ) hosting an early morning show. Jabbed with the challenging time slot where a few hears him, the RJ tries every possible trick to get listeners to dial.

His biggest concern is, “When no one is listening, how will the phone ring?”

On one beautiful day, while sipping coffee, he asks the audience to share their secrets, confessions, work-related stress, or anything because no one is listening.

The ad ends with a happy note with listeners pouring their hearts out to him on the selling proposition that no one is listening.

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Again Nescafé beautifully managed to resonate with the millennial audience.

The underlying thought behind these campaigns is to explore the odds of today’s generation to make their dreams come true.

Nescafé’s motto to bond with youth has been- ‘Have a coffee and keep believing in dreams.’

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