Netflix is offering 83 years of free subscription; here’s how you can win it?

Netflix is offering 83 years of free subscription; here’s how you can win it?


Stand a chance to win 83 years of Netflix subscription for free. Yes! You have heard it correct.

OTT platform Netflix is providing a free subscription of 83 years or almost 1000 months to its users. To win this once in a lifetime opportunity, users have to play ‘The Old Guard’ videogame online and get the highest score of all the players.

The Old Guard is the latest superhero movie launched on Netflix. On seeing the massive popularity of the film, Netflix decided to organize this competition.  

The contest is available for only US users from July 17 to July 19. The Old Guard game is available on Whoever reigns as #1, wins the immortal Netflix account.

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In the browser-based game, the user has to play Charlize Theron’s character, Andromache of Scythia. She is provided with a double-bladed ax. The mission is simple. All one needs to do is defeat the gang of enemies.

Netflix’s Original The Old Guard

The Old Guard is an American superhero film starring Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Marwan Kenzari, Matthias Schoenaerts, among others. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, it was premiered on Netflix on July 10, 2020.

The official poster of ‘The Old Guard’ (Wikipedia)

The movie is an adaptation of Gregory Rucka’s comic series of the same name. Gregory Rucka is a well-known comic writer known for comics such as ‘Batwoman,’ ‘Detective Comics,’ etc.

The Old Guard follows a group of superheroes who are out on a revenge mission. The characters are humans who are functionally immortal for hundreds of years. The film is an exciting take on the theory of what immortality might look like.

After traveling the world for years, these warriors with regenerative healing abilities will fight for what they believe is right.

So get ready for some power pack action sequences and edge-of-the-seat fights.

(Image Source: Roger Ebert)
Newest big movie of the weekend

As soon as The Old Guard was released, it became the top-streamed film on Netflix over its first weekend. Netflix has projected that the movie will reach 72 million households in its first four weeks.

The superhero movie has made to the list of the top 10 most successful Netflix original launches. Also, it is the only film on the top 10 to be directed by a black lady. Gina Prince-Bythewood is the first Black female director on the list.

The Old Guard has received favorable reviews from the critics and overwhelming support from the audience. Critics especially revere Charlize Theron’s character. She plays the oldest and most experienced of the immortals who has to save her crew.

Charlize Theron’s ( via Decider)

As the audience going gaga over the movie, Netflix thought to take advantage of it. S to celebrate the initial success of the film, it organized the contest.

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The Old Guard has become a high octave blockbuster. Fans are looking forward to its sequel. No official words came out whether or not The Old Guard will have a part two.

In an interview, Charlize Theron said,” We went into this talking about (a sequel) as a possibility, and it’s something that excites us.”

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