Newsmaker: Fashion maven, reality star, Masaba

Newsmaker: Fashion maven, reality star, Masaba


From playing tennis professionally to having interests in dance and music. Masaba finally ended up with Design. She was blessing the Indian fashion with the young, vibrant, and elegant approach towards style.

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Masaba Gupta debuted her fashion at the age of 19 with Lakme fashion week with the help of Wendell Rodricks. Life as a Designer has led her to feel like others and Design for them, with her enthusiastic emotions into sketches with her natural forms of anger, fearlessness, and the desire to feel free.

By 2009, Masaba launched her fashion label under ‘House of Masaba.’ Their parents didn’t impact the aesthetics that touched the sentiments of a generation that had come of age post-liberation and had the opportunity to choose the form of dressing. And had the wanting to explore the new styles of the west.

And with that, the dynamic hues with desi, more traditionalized prints, and pop art iconography has made a trend amongst fashion mongers. The House of Masaba realized that it was beneficial to them by treating their Instagram Handel as their ramp. Where they could and can showcase their fashion anytime, they choose to. And by doing this, they have built a faster connection with little thoughts on marketing backgrounds.

Introducing relaxed cuts, creative prints with forgiving silhouettes, and vibrant colors came along the traditional saris with pockets and fanny packs, which are sometimes paired with jackets. Masaba saw the Indian fashion market’s gap for easy, more comfortable clothing that was neither luxury nor ready to wear but somewhere in between.

Masaba was also approached by Black White Orange, a merchandising partner for HBO in India, to create a Game of Thrones capsule collection, which was launched by the House in 2019.

Her newest line, launched in January this year, called ‘I will wear out Plastic’ features clothes with detachable crepe bags and is part of the UNEP India and Ogilvy India campaign to phase out single-use plastic.

Masaba Gupta, 31, wasn’t always into fashion or prints. Till 14, she was very much serious about a career prospect towards pro tennis. Moving on to dance and music, she studied under Shaimak Davar and enrolled herself in a London music course. 

A customized compliment over her work into the crafts that thrived in the business of fake Masabas sold at the open-air markets from Lajpat Nagar in Delhi to Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway and online as well. Masaba loves this positive feeling, which was a dream to get copied.

Masaba Masaba

Last week, India got a closer look into Masaba Gupta’s life with the premiere of a Netflix Web series Masaba Masaba, which fictionalizes a version of lives into the designer and her mother’s life, Neena Gupta. 

It is a summary that highlights the feature of Masaba to have an ability to pick up the pieces and move forward in life,

Since her birth, the designer has been in the tabloids from when the West Indies player Vivian Richards and her mother Neena Gupta ‘Never married’ to the on and offs of fashion features.

She studied in Mumbai and has talked about how having half Caribbean features made her stand out and targeted her to the peak of bullying. Her pre-teen rage was transformed and reflected in her life choices from Dance to Designing.

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With over 1 million followers, Instagram remains Masaba’s primary channel of communication with her market. Her growth has been organic throughout the years, which has made possibilities for a much larger result through social media itself. She also takes care of her customers’ diverse needs to maintain the balance between commerce and art.

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Practicing self-esteem to empower strength into today’s women, Masaba has always been vocal about the things that are meant to be heard from body positivity to PCOS/PCOD and acne.

And she famously quotes, “Don’t expect to read an article about ‘beauty coming from the inside’ and expect to wake up the next day feeling like you’re beautiful. Doesn’t work like that”.

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