Plan your Wedding in Lockdown 2020

Plan your Wedding in Lockdown 2020


Keeping Favorite climate in mind, many people decide their significant day dates. Many people plan their Wedding day on days post the cold of December and January, and before the burning warmth of June and July. But the year 2020 was an exemption as any season of this year is not viewed as the ideal opportunity for weddings in India.

The fear of the pandemic had made people stay indoors; the lockdown was strictly followed. In these conditions, a few couples may have canceled their much-anticipated weddings or rescheduled it for some other time. As of late, there was an update on how well-known people are reacting to it and dropping their plans.

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In any case, when difficulties arise, the extreme gets moving. Nowadays, of social removing, a few couples have discovered a novel method of getting their desire satisfied. Couples have moved to advance or online to take their marital promises and get hitched.

wedding lockdown marriage

In many cases, when difficulties arise, and to avoid physical contact from the guest, couples decided for online vows. They have decided to go advanced and get hitched in a novel method of getting their desire fulfilled.

Let’s discuss the primary reasons for shifting a big fat Indian wedding to ’50 invitations only’ ceremony.

  • Menu,
  • Venue,
  • Fashion, and
  • Celebration.
Wedding menu

As such, there is no noticeable change in the list. But the importance of hygiene and cleanliness has risen. People will think before eating in ceremonies as, during the lockdown period, they are avoiding outside food. Because of the question of safety, it might be possible that the catering business does not expect much profit in lockdown wedding.

Wedding Venue

As per the guidelines provided by the ministry for ceremonies, only 50 people can be invited. Hence, if you are planning to encourage more people, than you might lose your banquet halls as they have been strict, in pre-coronavirus time, couple planned destination wedding, fairy style wedding, and lots of parties, but to follow the norms of social distancing and cleanliness planning any theme wedding is useless, as nobody can fully enjoy.

Fashion and Photography in Wedding

Demand for glossy and fashionable clothes is declining, yet people are not losing interest in bridal dresses. The reason being the wedding day, and to make it special groom-bride will be wearing the sherwanis and lehengas, but what about the photoshoots? Sorry, but your pre-photoshoots, post, and wedding day shoot will be affected. Usually, people visit exotic location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Don’t Worry about your shoot book right here.

Wedding celebration

If we ask people, what they enjoyed the most at marriage, the answer might differ but will revolve around parties only. People love the celebration of bachelors, then drinking and dancing to every beat during sangeet. Just like India is disturbed with economic problems as all sectors are hitting hard with the pandemic, the weddings department like pictures, food, and the party is disturbed with social distancing norms.

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On asking people how they feel about it, many elders were found saying that this is the back to the time when they use to marry like this. And they added “paise ki barbadi Kam hogi.”

Though in India, weddings revolve around every season, as many communities have their specific preference for wedding dates. But this lockdown has put an indefinite pause on every planning and management.

Now, you can’t plan big weddings and parties. Catering services and decoration rates are touching the sky and forcing people to host small gatherings only. Until lockdowns, open doors for you to have desirable and fantasy weddings, enjoy your close fellas near you.

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