Did PM Modi Appoint Drone Wiz Prathap As A DRDO Scientist? Know more about him

Did PM Modi Appoint Drone Wiz Prathap As A DRDO Scientist? Know more about him


We all have seen post on social media about Famously known as ‘Drone Scientist of India,’ Prathap NM from Mandya has claimed socially that Prime Minister Modi has introduced this 22-year old into the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Who is Prathap?

In the year 2019, the significant parts of North Karnataka were hit with calamitic floods, which rendered the civilians off of roofs and food or water to survive. Prathap used his drone that he self-made using E-Waste materials to provide his help in giving out food and relief materials to places that were affected.

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Prathap DRDO

Prathap NM, a 22-year-old originally comes from the Mandya district. He is a BSc Graduate from JSS College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mysore.

He is known to be the youngest Scientist in India. This aspiring bird was also inspired by the works and words of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He started building drones from the age of 14. He had a perfectly flying drone in his hands by the age of 16. From stating that his ‘first drone could simply fly and capture images.’ He grew in his knowledge and developed his technological skills so that he could make bigger drones. To date, he is known to have made about 600 drones.

He is also known to have won awards as a young scientist from Japan and France. Even gold medals for his research on drones from Germany and the USA and few others.

The struggle of Prathap

Looking from where Prathap had come, he couldn’t afford all the materials to make drones. On his visit to France, they offered him jobs to work as a researcher. He did get these offers from France with the salary and the perks that came with it. But, he refused as he wanted to set up a lab in Bengaluru. He is currently working for a Bengaluru-based startup called Aerowhale Space and Tech

He earned money through various awards. And thus contributed his acquired shares for the improvement of his family’s conditions. And he continues to use that money in making more drones.

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From saving a girl from Africa by providing the antidote to the black mamba’s killer bite to having strategic planning towards cryptographic drones, Prathap has undoubtedly come a long way.

He was also asked to give lectures at IIT Bombay and IISc, where he was invited to talk about how drones and their technology can be used in a time-sensitive scenario.

Prathap DRDO

Apart from this, The Indian Government’s Recruitment and Assessment center suggest that the scientists who are recruited for entry-level must have a First Class Master’s degree in Science Subjects, Mathematics, Psychology. The person can have a First Class Degree in Engineering or Technology or Metallurgy from a recognized University or Equivalent.

As of now, Prathap claims to have not completed his masters. He also claims to have not received any offer from the Prime Minister’s Office to work under DRDO. He did receive a call from New Delhi to meet some people for a project, but even he’s not sure what it is about.

Further, he thinks that the Prime Minister cannot appoint someone. Also, he hasn’t received any appointment letter from him at the DRDO. But, if given a chance to be working under DRDO, he surely cannot nay it out.

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