Power of Petitions, How can it bring a Change?

Power of Petitions, How can it bring a Change?


Petitions have always been the one essential apparatus to justify the needs of the citizens of a particular area without focusing on the needs of just one individual.

Do petitions even make any change?

Petitions are a powerful tool to showcase the transparency and the connectivity between the citizens and the officials in charge. Petitions online signify the accordance towards a wide variety of platforms that involve computers and the internet.

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Cruelty towards animals is something everyone has come across. India has been against the killing of Cows. There has been a prestigious white noise behind the cruel slaughtering of these animals. And how Cattle slaughtering is against various Indian Religions.


Nagaland has been violating a similar type of callousness towards dogs for a long time. Finally, because of many highlighted requests and petitions that took the slaughtering of dogs down.

The petitions have finally paved their way to fulfilling their requests. Nagaland’s state Government decided to ban the commercial import and trading of dogs and dog market and also the dog meat (cooked or uncooked). This step was considered to be taken due to ‘Shoot at sight’ incidents.

Shoot at sight was an order issued in May to kill dogs that were found to be roaming on the streets; it was raised with the fear that they might transmit the ongoing virus. This followed a trail of events that took place, which made the lives of many dogs. On June 30, in Changi village, Mokokchung district, a dog was allegedly shot dead after the owner let the pet out for a walk.

Pet owners, as well as Pet activists, were against such an order while they were in grave turmoil of horror, which had put the safety of the animals in danger.

Second, such a petition arose for minks. It was considered that Sephora made sales of mink eyelashes, which was termed as ‘cruel.’ Was then pleaded by a petition via Change.org that Sephora should withdraw from deceiving labels like ‘cruelty-free’ when they are drenched of it.


As a result, the strong PETA campaign with tons of emails towards this ominous act made Sephora phase-out on selling any fur or mink related eyelashes from now on. And restricted themselves to only faux-fur eyelashes.

Fur has always been a matter at the tip of the iceberg but is never dealt with from its depths.

On a very different note of ‘Colour discrimination’ has made people believe that darker skin tones are to be termed as ‘Bad’ whereas the ones that are on the cooler side of the scale are termed as the ‘Good’ ones.

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The type of discrimination that puts down someone’s self-esteem and mental health is beyond questioning. People from across the globe have seen different types of weighed polar notions. Time after time, it has been dealt with only to make it worse?

Matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com is progressively a part of this very act.

It is no longer a fetish to have a life partner to be “Fair” or “Not Dark,” especially in the South Asian communities; it has become a job. India being highly one of them.


Shaadi.com had a color filter that asked its users to mention their color of skins using descriptive tones such as Fair, Wheatish, or Dark.
So much for a potential partner?

Many cosmetic companies highlight how many people require “Treatments.” Mind us all removing ‘Fair’ From fair and lovely doesn’t change the concept it was built for!

The petition did take that option out of Shaadi.com. But, this is a fight for our internal wars, of what an individual can change on its own with their mindset.

Petitions are the most reliable key, which helps create people of the particular country, state, or city to help nourish it to their likings. It is okay to stand for something and not for the others. It is your choice. And it should always be “One’s Choice.”

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