Prahlad Jani is the wonder of Bhakti; A Sanyasi with no food or water for 76 years

Prahlad Jani is the wonder of Bhakti; A Sanyasi with no food or water for 76 years


Prahlad Jani was born on 13th August 1929 in Charada village in British India. Prahlad Jani is known to have left his home in Gujrat at the age of 7 and lived in the Jungle near his community in a cave.

Prahlad Jani is also known as Mataji or Chunriwala Mataji. He was given this name due to his resemblance to a woman. He was very fond of dressing up as a female devotee of Amba, wearing a garment similar to a sari. He was a Breatharian Monk from India. A person who lives without consuming food and water. 

Prahlad Jani believes that he was in the comfort and support of Amba, The goddess of War. That she provided him with water, which dropped down through a hole in his palate, which allowed him to live without food or water.

After hearing the stories of how a boy left and lived a part of his life in a cave away in the wild without eating or drinking any form of liquids. He was taken under observation for testing. Namely, two tests were made around 2003 and 2010 in the way of investigations regarding whether Jani was real or was everything just a facade.

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The findings of the investigation remain confidential. Many Nutrition researchers and others globally interested in Jani’s life refused to believe in a person who could live without water and food. It is supposed to be a factual note that in-between ’15 to 20′ days, one can very likely die without water.

Some Experimental Discoveries about Prahlad Jani

For the two years (2003 and 2010), Dr. Sudhir, a neurologist at the Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad, India, and some other physicians in his team experimented on Jani.

● They observed Prahlad Jani for ten days in 2003. He stayed in a sealed room. Observing him, doctors claimed that he did not pass stool or urine. A hospital spokesperson said that he was physically healthy, but surprising is that he had a hole in the palate, which was an abnormal condition.

● Then again, in 2010, by Dr. Sudhir Shah and a team of more than 30 researchers from the Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), as well as other organizations. They studied via clinical examinations, blood tests, and scans. They also went ahead to follow up on Jani using CCTV cameras and manual observations.

● According to the researchers, Prahlad Jani only came in contact with fluid during gargling and bathing. In the span of another 15 days of observation conducted in 2010, he did not eat food or consume any form of liquid and also did not make use of the washroom. Further, doctors told that all his tests were declared to be healthy and that he was in better health.

Later around 2006, The Discovery Channel aired the documentary “The Boy with Divine Powers,” which featured 5-minutes on Indian Yogi Prahlad Jani. He was also featured in an Austrian documentary “AM Anfang war das Licht”, which when translated to English, means, ‘In the Beginning, There was Light.’

Many still believe that Jani was a ‘Boom that hit them.’ Or that the studies made on him were a ‘Bombshell.’ No doubt, he lived an enigmatic life. 

Putting facts into notice, it is evident that no one can live without food and or water, but the life of ‘Indian Yogi’ was a subject of extensive discussion. Even after Tests were conducted, researchers, scientists, doctors studied him and observed his health graphs, but until his death, his life remained a mystery.

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