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Can Men and Women be Just Friends? Understanding Friendship this Friendship Day 2020

From helping you understand Complex Integration at the peak of midnight to being your fashion rescue force, friends come in different forms. If it isn’t clear yet, “Just friends” is a term. And quite evidently exists. Also Read: 5 Things One Should Not Say To Their FRIENDS We […]


5 Things One Should Not Say To Their FRIENDS

Bonds with Family members make come with borderline obligations and at times with inconvenience. Friends, on the other hand, are the total opposite. They are the antidote that takes your burdens away. Also Read: Surprise your Best Friend with these Amazing 12 Friendship Day Gifts Ideas Friends exist […]

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How to Maintain Relationships during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The eluding Coronavirus has forced us to remain indoors, denying us of human touch and disturbing our routine. Staying apart from loved ones has dulled our lives. Long-distance and lockdown have expanded days into months without meeting our beloveds. Long-distance couples are grappling with back-to-back lockdowns. All the […]