Richard Nixon: Indian Women are the most unattractive in the world

Richard Nixon: Indian Women are the most unattractive in the world


Recently a new set of declassified tapes from the White House reveals the stark hostility of the former US President Richard Nixon, a Republican, was the 37th President, serving from 1969 until 1974, had towards India and Indians.

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Richard Nixon referred to Indians as the “most sexless” and “pathetic.” Also, he called out Indian women as the “most unattractive in the world” during a meeting with senior officials at the Oval Office on June 17, 1971, according to the reports.

These recorded tapes were recently declassified and released in batches up to May this year after Gary J Bass of Princeton University filed a legal request for their declassification.

Along with Nixon, US Security Adviser during that time, Henry Kissinger, who also determined US policy towards New Delhi in the early 1970s, joined the hate-talk towards Indians, according to the tapes.

Here, Kissinger referred to Indians as “Superb flatterers” whose “great skill” was to “suck up to people in key positions.”

This recorded conversation was a part of a meeting held between 5:15 pm and 6:10 pm on June 17, 1971, recorded by the Oval Office taping system and appears to be a conversation 525-001 of the White House Tapes.

White House was revealed by disclosing tapes, which narrates a ‘Remarkable’ conversation between Richard Nixon, Kissinger, and the then-White House chief of staff HR Haldeman. This conversation takes place in the Oval Office in June 1971 with the undertone tasteful to that of a venom. In contrast to this, on November 4, 1971, during a private break from a contentious White House summit, the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi-a rare woman leader was harangued Mr. Kissinger about his sexual disgust at Indians.

In 1971, these recorded tapes revealed the personal racism of Richard Nixon and his prejudice towards India and Indians, also highlighting his attitudes towards international events and actors. This also shows what intentions Nixon had in terms of hostility towards India while having a soft side for Pakistan. This took his attention away from the Pakistani army’s atrocities against Bengali people in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

During the meeting taped towards the 50th minute of the 54-minute long, 42nd tape, Richard Nixon goes ahead and says, “Undoubtedly, the most unattractive women in the world are the Indian women. Undoubtedly.”

“The most sexless, nothing, these people. People say, what about the Black Africans? Well, you can see something, there exists some form of liveliness, I mean they have a little animal-like charm, but God, those Indians, ack, pathetic.” These were some of the value-less statements that followed the waves of laughter across the Oval Office from the attendees, the reports suggest.

3 Richard Nixon: Indian Women are the most unattractive in the world

Some of the unbleeped tapes recorded by the former President were released between May 2018 and July 2019, followed by more than 28 in batches from October 2019 to May 2020.

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The United States of America, along with India, still battles the race towards the showcase of racism, which portrays both the countries to be equally incompetent towards their mindset and overall mental growth.

The lashings of vague terminologies from 1971 by Richard Nixon and other attendees in the Oval Office of the White House show the downward approach of one relative mankind towards another.

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