Shadow Ban on Contraceptive Pills can lead up to Birth of Lakhs of Unwanted Babies in Tamil Nadu

Shadow Ban on Contraceptive Pills can lead up to Birth of Lakhs of Unwanted Babies in Tamil Nadu


Emergency contraceptive pills have disappeared from chemists in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu government has imposed an undeclared ban on these drugs, which has completely stopped the path of safe sex for women.

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Tell you that such emergency drugs are used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after unsafe sexual relations. It is expected that lakhs of children will be born in Tamil Nadu during the lockdown.

Shadow ban on Emergency contraceptive pills

These drugs have been missing from medical stores for many years since the entry of emergency contraceptive drugs in India in the year 2010; its acceptability in Tamil Nadu has been low. However, it was later easily found at medical stores. But by 2016, these drugs disappeared once again in medical stores.

It is noteworthy that Chennai is seen as the medical hub of India. But there is an absence of contraceptive medications. If you have to buy these medicines, you will have to go to other states like Puducherry and Karnataka. These medicines often respond to the shopkeepers on demand-we do not keep these medicines.

In the epidemic, the drug will reach women in Chennai, the activist Archana has initiated efforts on the availability of these drugs. She has also informed on his social media wall that those who need it can take these medicines from them.

Talking to News18, she said, “I was given these medicines by one of my Bengaluru learners. I guessed how big a problem could arise by not reaching such drugs to the people in the epidemic era. Though there is no legal ban on contraceptive medicines in Tamil Nadu, they disappear from stores due to a lack of social acceptability. ‘

“In Tamil Nadu, the lack of an ECP during the lockdown would also have more devastating consequences: There will be around 1,24,086 unwanted pregnancies, 35,489 live births, 75,446 increased abortions, many could end up being unsafe and around 91 maternal deaths.” She added

The shortage of condoms and contraceptive pills around the world is currently the scourge of coronavirus worldwide. Most countries in the world have been lockdown to prevent the havoc of the corona.

After the end of the lockdown, big trouble is going to come. That is the economic slowdown. Or it has happened. As the latest report says, while the financial problem is going to go on the one hand, population growth is also being estimated on the other. With the disruption of health services in lockdown, about five crore women in developed countries have not been able to take contraception.

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Shadow ban on Emergency contraceptive pills

There is a lockdown condition all over the country, and people are with their families. The husband will be becoming a physical relation between the wife, couple, etc. In such a way, unwanted pregnancy is expected to be in the sense of less information. Due to lockdown, health services have become challenging to get condoms and contraceptive drugs. That is why the United Nations Population Fund has estimated that 70 lakh cases of unwanted pregnancies may come to the fore in the coming months. It is likely to increase the population.

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