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Taking Care of your Skin in Monsoon with these 7 Amazing products


The most awaited season of the year, Monsoon has come to India, bringing break from the summer heat. But one can’t deny the misfortunes related to Monsoon in India, for example, rain with increased humidity is a gift for the airborne-disease to spread among the people.

Cases of Dengue and Malaria reach a high peak during Monsoon. Similarly, wet garments or moist weather often lead to skin problems and may turn the skin with rashes. Along with skin, people do complain of hair falling, brittle nails, and itchy scalp. The all-season beauties have to work with monsoon skin problems.

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In the world of high-speed, one does not have time to make a home-made paste for turmeric or honey masks, so here is the list of

top 7 products that will give you the best caring result in Monsoon
  • The Juice beauty Face cleanser
Monsoon Skin care

A summer care organic product enriched with vitamin e and shea butter, mixed with green tea. It is a healthy product for all skin types free of paraben and sulfate. It is an instant tan, and dust removal product with no chemicals added.

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  • Tijori overnight skin-transforming face serum
monsoon skin care

A night-time faces serum, which softens and brightens your skin gives you shinny/hydrated skin when you wake up. Only 1-2 drops of it to be massaged all over the face after applying the cleanser on your face.

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  • Nivea nourishing lotion body milk
monsoon skin care

This nourishing body care product deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin. It is enriched with 2times more almonds now and makes your dry skin softer. It keeps you moisturized for 48 hours after applying. For best results, it is to be used daily by gently applying it all over your body and massaging it.

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  • Urban Botanic rose water/skin toner
monsoon skin care

It is a pure and organic skincare product with no added chemicals, and no artificial fragrances added. A product for all skin types Helps in removing dirt from the skin, and also acts as a great cleansing agent. To be applied softly on your face and let it dries, for best results use twice daily.

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  • Wow Skin Science Ubtan Foaming Face Wash
monsoon skin care

A skin brightens and deep cleanser product for your dull skin. It refreshes skin by profoundly cleansing it and protecting it from environmental damage. It will help you in removing the layer of your dead skin and refreshing it back again. You have to foam it all over your face and massage it for 2 minutes then rinse with plain water.

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  • Lakme peach milk moisturizer SPF 24
monsoon skin care

Lakme peach milk moisturizer is mixed with the goodness of peach and milk in it. It helps you in soothing and brightening your skin with pure fragrance. It gets locked on your skin for 12 hours and protects your skin from all environmental damages, giving you sun protected glowing skin. You have to gently massage it, with dot across the face.

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  • Tulips refreshing wet wipes
monsoon skin care

A product for all sensitive skin types, it gives you an effective formulation by restoring the natural pH balance of the skin without leaving your skin feel sticky or greasy. They are designed in the best way to be gentle on your skin.

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There are several things one should be doing in Monsoon.

Avoid washing Face with Hot Water:
Hot water will harm the skin pores and will cause damage to the skin. So, for healthy skin, avoid washing face with hot, warm water.

Avoid Bleaches:
Refuse using bleaches during Monsoon. You may use bleach in some other season, but using it in the rainy season would bring about cracked and dry skin.

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Keep your skin Clean:
Remember to clear your skin properly consistently before making for bed. Not cleaning your skin enough means bacterial intrusion, which is among one of the significant reasons for pimples and skin break out during rain.

Use Sunscreens:
It’s raining or not, you should add a habit of applying sun cream on face and body to your skincare schedule.

Keep your skin clear and bright. HAPPY MONSOON.

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