Delhi lost its favorite Storyteller, Sadia Dehlvi dies at 63

Delhi lost its favorite Storyteller, Sadia Dehlvi dies at 63


Sadia Dehlvi, who was from the noble ‘Shama’ family and a prominent author and activist, has died after fighting cancer. She was just 63 and is survived by her child Arman Ali Dehlvi.

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Renowned Delhi-based writer and activist Sadia Dehlvi, who fought the delayed fight with cancer, has died at her home. Dehlvi hailed from the imperial ‘Shama’ family. Her grandfather, Hafiz Yusuf Dehlvi, founded the ‘Shama’ in 1938.

 Irfan Habib, a historian right after the news of her death, tweeted, “Sad to hear about the tragic demise of Sadia Dehlvi, a well known cultural figure of Delhi, a dear friend, and a wonderful human being. Rest in Peace.” 

Sadia Dehlvi’s early life and Authorship

She was born and bought up in Delhi and lived in ‘Shama Ghar’ in New Delhi. In 2009, Sadia published her book on Sufism with the title Sufism: The core of Islam. The books were published and distributed by Harper Collins Publishers. Her second book likewise, focussed on Sufism and was named The Sufi Courtyard: Dargahs of Delhi. It counted the history and relevance of Delhi’s Sufi culture. Sadia additionally gave the final edit to Bano, an Urdu ladies, a diary for the Shama Group.

Sadia also gained popularity from her book on Delhi’s culinary history in 2017, named Jasmine and Jinns: Memories and Recipes of My Delhi. She was a notable food critic and comprehended the elegances of the culinary world. 

22 Delhi lost its favorite Storyteller, Sadia Dehlvi dies at 63

She was very keen on various types of exposure. She has many talents, Sadia Dehlvi also created and made documentaries and television programs, like ‘Amma and Family.’ 

Dehlvi was a dear companion and associate of the famous late creator Khushwant Singh. Singh devoted the book Not a Nice Man to Know to Sadia and expressed: “To Sadia Dehlvi, who gave me more fondness and reputation than I merit.” After the book-arrival, Dehlvi additionally built a network show with the writer Kushwant Singh. They talked with ladies on the show from varying backgrounds.

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Dehlvi Married Life

Sadia Dehlvi was married to a Pakistani in the year 1990. Reza Pervaiz was her husband, and with him, she had a son, Armaan. She remained in Karachi with her in-laws and husband. Their marriage went on for a long time but got an end when Pervaiz messaged her ‘Talaq’ threefold. They both got separated after that. Dehlvi, at 45-year-age, re-married to Sayyed Karamat Ali. They met at Hazrat Shah Farhad, a Sufi hallowed place present in Delhi. Sadia was conspicuously known for her work and kept on being a motivation to numerous authors and artists.

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