Sushant Singh Rajput, A Priceless Superstar who made a Fan feel Special!

Sushant Singh Rajput, A Priceless Superstar who made a Fan feel Special!

Disney Hotstar+ launched the trailer of Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie Dil Bechara on online platforms. People are touched by watching the trailer. People can not imagine that the hero who is laughing and enjoying the trailer is no more with us. You can watch trailer here:

Sushant Singh was a gem to the industry. Read this fan story and know why?

A heartfelt tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput, A priceless superstar who made his ordinary fan(me) feel like a million bucks!

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Lara Dutta (Miss Universe) in one of her enchanting speeches, while describing her Miss Universe journey, mentioned:

“No one really remembers what brands you wore, how your hair was done, whether you had nail paint on your nails or not, but what they do remember is how you treat others and make them feel.”

Sushant proved this in one of our chance meetings I had with him. He was a true gentleman!

I had just taken my first steps as a writer and soon, after my first novel got published, I got a chance to promote my book at the Mumbai Litofest. I was so excited that he was one of the esteemed speakers that day and I would get a chance to see him live on stage.

I wasn’t even sure if I would get to meet him. But luck had other plans and, I got access to the VVIP lounge as I wanted to gift copies of my novel to all the dignitaries there. I made a lot of friends that day and met a lot of celebrities, but my eyes were glued to the door, and every beat of my heart was waiting for him to arrive. I knew he was a bibliophile and to gift him a copy of my book, was like a dream come true for a budding author like me.

He arrived with a human chain of bodyguards around him and was dressed in a black kurta, as handsome as ever. I saw him exchange pleasantries with people around. The whole room was vibrating with his energy. I waited for my turn, but in situations like these seconds seem forever.

One of the diplomats seated there saw my agony and signaled me to follow him. He introduced himself and asked Sushant for an introduction. Please don’t think otherwise, he doesn’t watch Bollywood movies (and now I know why). I popped in like a jack from the box and interrupted the two gentlemen.

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“Sir he is Sushant Singh Rajput, the heartthrob of the nation!” Sushant’s broke into his famous ear to ear grin and that happiness lit up his eyes. Like a child in a candy store, he mentioned “Sir the lady knows me well!” I went forward and humbly presented my book to him.

I still remember his words “The cover page is beautiful. Thank you so much for the present. I love books. What inspired you to write this?” he even turned the book and took some time to read the excerpt at the back. He gave me ample time and attention like I had taken an appointment to meet him. I giggled and answered all of his questions.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput with Shelly

I requested him for a picture and he modestly obliged. While I stood next to him for a photograph, people commented “Come on you have such a stud around, hug him, feel his abs!” To tell you honestly, he was so warm and such a gentleman that I immediately felt massive respect for him there and then. We both laughed and I told him “Sushant Sir I don’t intend to exploit you here, I just want a beautiful memory with you!” and it indeed was and will always be.

This was soon after he had received enormous success and stardom after M.S Dhoni. As we parted he wished me luck for my novel and never did once make me feel that I was just an ordinary fan and a budding author. Throughout the wait in the lounge, until he made his entry on stage, he held my book in his hands. That’s how humble he was.

His vibe was enigmatic, his intelligence -par excellence, his humanity –rare. He would hug life and walk around. It’s been a week he has left us but I still can’t come to terms with this void. It feels like a personal loss.

To all those fans who are committing suicide and saying “If he can, why can’t I?” Guys he was not the one who would leave the world with such a message. Please don’t insult his love for life. He was an inspiration and will always be. I pray and hope each day that you get justice soon.

To all those mentioning in their posts “Hope you are at a better place!” Come on people we all know he’s in a much better place. Can the world get any worse than this? The black hole that he was so intrigued by can’t be more mysterious, deeper, darker and colder than the human heart.

I’m sure you are entertaining God in heaven. All the Sartre you’ve been reading here to find answers on existentialism can now be answered by the creator himself. Please do send us the excerpts of your conversations with God.

Waiting for your next Instagram post “The Self Actualized!”

Your Fan forever and ever

Shelly (Psychologist, Author)

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