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Local trains off-limits for most: Commutes Call for Desperate Measures

With Local trains gone, people from far-flung areas have been spending time this time around with difficulties in commuting in the city. Some have also fallen for desperate measures by making fake IDs to reduce via public transports. Also Read: Sudiksha’s Death, Who to Blame? Bulandshahr DM says […]

long distance relationship

How to Maintain Relationships during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The eluding Coronavirus has forced us to remain indoors, denying us of human touch and disturbing our routine. Staying apart from loved ones has dulled our lives. Long-distance and lockdown have expanded days into months without meeting our beloveds. Long-distance couples are grappling with back-to-back lockdowns. All the […]

wedding in lockdown

Plan your Wedding in Lockdown 2020

Keeping Favorite climate in mind, many people decide their significant day dates. Many people plan their Wedding day on days post the cold of December and January, and before the burning warmth of June and July. But the year 2020 was an exemption as any season of this […]

Skincare tips by the juicy mango media

5 tips by skin expert on Skincare that will make you glow

“Long hours of continuously sitting before the
screen, not exercising and not eating healthy may lead to weight gain and hence
many skin issues like pigmentation, skin tags dullness, hair fall issues, etc.
UV rays emitted by screens can further worsen skin pigmentation and hasten skin
aging. Constant strain on eyes and frequent rubbing of eyes can lead to the
development of dark circles around eyes.”