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Bollywood doesn’t excite me anymore

Bollywood doesn’t excite me anymore. As someone who has grown up watching and admiring the movies and the movie stars, it gives me a bittersweet feeling to say that Bollywood doesn’t excite me anymore. I’m not denying the years of joy that is has given me. I’m not […]

Father's day

Happy Father’s Day, A message to Baba

Father’s day makes Meghobrota Acharya from Kolkata shares a heart-warming message for her father. Father’s day makes everyone cherish the sweet moments we have with our fathers. It is story of a daughter who appreciates her father like a superhero. “I’m not going to tell you anything, you’re […]

father's day

A tale of Father-Daughter Love

There’s a thought that disturbs me the most while writing. The thought of ego-centrism! The fear of me being so absorbed in reckoning the number of views and likes, that I forget to pay visit to the world that’s burning around me. It’s this fear that’s restrains me […]


Karma & Life

I’ve been facing some existential crisis lately. Not because there’s anything wrong happening in my life. But because I’ve started questioning the struggles of others. It’s weird though. I’m having questions about things I can never get answers for. I’ve grown up believing in Karma. I have always […]