The US-China Cold War continues as China have taken down US Consulate in Chengdu

The US-China Cold War continues as China have taken down US Consulate in Chengdu


Chinese authorities have taken down the US consulate general in Chengdu, lowering the US flag in China as US-China cold war continues. This is going to mark the end of diplomatic mission binding the world’s largest economies to pull down to a new low-point.

At dawn on Monday, police held back the crowds that gathered over the weekend to watch the American Flag outside the consulate being lowered from its position. This mission was closed by 10 am, according to China’s foreign ministry.

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The steam of this move led the Chinese soldiers to take up their posts outside the consulate. Along with them, there was a team of workers in Hazmat suits and Chinese officials dressed in white-sleeved dress shirts and black briefcases who commenced this mission. Workers were seen draping grey clothes over signs which bore the consulate’s name.

This move was a retaliation that has now turned into a closure over the fall of Washington’s Chinese consulate in Houston on Friday. For which the US replied with Mike Pompeo accusing China of “Stealing” intellectual property.

How is the US-China Cold War escalating?
  • The administration under the US President Donald Trump has repeatedly been clashing with Beijing over trade and the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • A week ago, A Singaporean male pleaded guilty in a US court who was working as an agent of China.
  • And also last week, alleging lies about serving in China’s military, four Chinese nationals were charged in a separate case with the US visa fraud.
  • The treatment over the Muslim minorities.
  • Blacklisting each other’s companies and expelling journalists.

This throw and catch game is a headline for history. The history revolves around 1949 to 2020.

The Flight dispute between the countries which led to the US-China Cold War:

China stepped back in an Airline Dispute With the Trump Administration a month ago. This one on one call of fury was seen in an old fashioned cold war stage.

The dispute was raging battle combat. After the Chinese government blocked all international flights specifically, the ones flying from the States carved a throwback move from the Trump Government, which decided to prevent Chinese passengers from flying in or out of the country (The United States).

In return, the Chinese government to melt down some level of misunderstanding allowed international flights to operate once a week, including the United States.

There are six clear parallels with the US-China Cold War:
  • U.S.-China rivalry is between the world’s two most powerful states, one a liberal democracy and the other avowedly communist.
  • It is a system-wide contest for supremacy.
  • It is about values as well as power.
  • It will be a multidecade struggle for global ascendancy.
  • A second geopolitical bifurcation of the world is likely.
  • Neither side wants a full-scale military confrontation.

In short, it is not your run-of-the-mill great power conflict. This US-China Cold war is not new to us but it surely emerged with Coronavirus this time. US President Trump has accused China many times for creating and spreading of Coronavirus. He also threatened to discontinue US relations with WHO if WHO keep supporting China.

The South China Sea Attack:

The recent dispute where the US yet again launched an attack on China. Only this time, it was about Beijing’s illegal territorial claims in the waters of the South China Sea.

The US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo stated on Saturday by stressing that Washington’s policies in this particular region remains crystal clear and further added that the dispute that arose in the South China Sea (SCS) is not even China’s maritime empire. He also hinted to the free nations that they should come together and fight for it.

The thought that Chinese entities that they own almost the entire South China Sea is a plain violation of international laws. And if the free nations are not going to voice for this unjustified move, the Chinese communist party (CCP) will take more territory as the history suggests: Mr. Pompeo.

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The two countries have been under significant scuffle with the origin of a Pandemic and with The Trump government blaming China for the Virus to spread and turn into a vicious killer who has wrecked American’s economy. These turn of events may not likely be fruitful for either of the country and the world in the long run.

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