TikTok Influencer’s “Acid Attack” Video Faces Women Commission Action

While people on social media are still debating the issue of violence against women vis-a-vis the ‘boys locker room’ incident, another disturbing video that promotes atrocities against women has come to the fore.

lf18 MAY tiktok TikTok Influencer's "Acid Attack" Video Faces Women Commission Action

This time, it’s a TikTok influencer named Faizal Siddiqui who has sparked outrage on social media for his video, in which he is allegedly promoting an acid attack on women. The video recreates a disturbing scene of an acid attack, in which Faizal is seen throwing liquid on the face of a woman who betrayed her.

He says, “Usne tumhe chor diya jiske liya tumne mujhe chora tha”, and then throws the liquid (acid) on the girl’s face. The woman in the video is seen with paint on her face to give an impression of acid attack injuries.

The National Commission for Women has asked Tik-Tok India to immediately remove a video showing a man committing violence against women and directed the Maharashtra police to take action against the person responsible for making the clip.

The NCW in a letter to Grievance Officer of Tik-Tok India Anuj Bhatia, said it has come across a Twitter post in which a Tik-Tok video shows a man committing violence against women.

It also asked the Maharashtra police, in a letter, to immediately take action against the person responsible for making the video.

“The commission is seriously concerned about the increase in crimes against women and the video not only seems to promote violence against women but also shows the patriarchal mindset, which would send a very wrong message to the society through this video made by Faizal Siddiqui on Tik-Tok,” NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma said in the letter to Tik Tok India.

In the recent events, Youtube vs Tiktok, we have seen a prominent fall in the rating of the app in play store. As it falls from 4.6 to 2.8. Can this be the end of TikTok in India?

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