Twitter Hack Hits Obama, Apple, Musk, Gates and other in Bitcoin Scam

Twitter Hack Hits Obama, Apple, Musk, Gates and other in Bitcoin Scam


With a significant show of force, Hacker or Hackers breached twitter’s prominent accounts, including Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Apple, Uber, and others.

Wednesday afternoon, around four on the East coast, wretched the havoc of chaos that struck the social media. Many of the biggest names in America were attacked in this breach which included: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Warren Buffett, Apple, Jeff Bezos, Floyd Mayweather – A trail of similar messages on twitter which read as ‘Send Bitcoins and the famous people would send them back double the amount.’

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin: It is a digital currency that was created in January 2009 following the housing market crash. It is followed by the idea set out in a whitepaper by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. It offers promises of lower transaction fees rather than the usual online payment mechanisms. It is operated solely by a decentralized authority, unlike our government-issued currencies.
The person or a group of people who created this technology is still a mystery.


Bitcoin is used as the most wanted vehicle for this Scamming. Because once a victim turns their money, it becomes impossible to recover the funds. That’s how Bitcoin is designed with no institution in charge.

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The messages circulated were all a Scam in the name of Bitcoin. This resulted in the most brazen online attacks in memory.

Twitter Bitcoin Scam

This wave of attack hit the Twitter Accounts of prominent cryptocurrency leaders and companies. But as the stream thickened, the list of victims broadened to include the who’s who of Americans in Politics, Tech, and Entertainment.

Soon Twitter went on to remove the trail of messages, but in a few cases, similar tweets were sent again from the same accounts. This gave a threat to Twitter to regain control over their aspects. Eventually, the company went on to disabling its services, which included the ability for the verified accounts to tweet. For a couple of hours, this strategy mended the scam to spread further. Service was restored around 8:30 on Wednesday night.

Twitter’s investigation revealed that few employees who had access to their internal systems had noticed their accounts compromised, which was then termed as “Coordinated social engineering attack.” These hacks trick people into giving up their credentials.

“We’re looking into what other malicious activities the hacker or the hackers may have committed or the information that they may have accessed,” Twitter’s spokesman added.

To start with, the evidence of who conducted this attack was quite little. The most obvious conclusion was to hit the attacks either on the scales of North Korea: who has seen to document the use of Bitcoins extensively in the past, Russia, China, or even Iran: Officials pointed out. The hacker/s were prominently focused on attacking the stock market and creating havoc or even perhaps to subject political pronouncements in the name of Joe Biden or other targets.

However, it was noted that this wave did not affect the account of one of the most-watched users of twitter: U.S. President Donald Trump, who has been under some special lock-and-key after past incidents.

twitter hack bitcoin scam

The attacker or attackers sent out an identical message from the compromised accounts. This was easily deciphered and deleted. The decision to ask Money as Bitcoins showed that they were unwilling or unable to make use of their access into a sophisticated scam: Alex Stamos, a former chief security officer at Facebook. They made Rookie errors.

Many went on to describe the actions to be a Heist, which raised questions of it likely being incorporated from the famous ‘Money Heist,’ an acclaimed Spanish tv series.

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The trail started with Elon Musk and Bill Gates getting targeted around four on Wednesday afternoon leading the path to Uber, Apple, by 5 pm. By the time Hackers had indulged their hands over more than $50,000, they had targeted: Kanye West, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama. Within 3 hours from this ambush, which later went on to target Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian, prompted about $118,000 into the Bitcoin Wallet.

twitter hack bitcoin scam

These attacks on Wednesday witnessed attacks that involved the real accounts of public figures for the first time, which leads to many questions relating to the safety of Twitter’s cybersecurity.

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