Understand the LGBTQIA community in Pride Month

Understand the LGBTQIA community in Pride Month

LGBTQIA+ community are people from the same homo sapiens species with different sexuality, preference, genders, and pronouns. It is easy to understand them; they are not aliens. Well, if you think of LGBTQIA+ otherwise, maybe you have a problem and need to introspect. And no, it’s definitely not some mental disorder, it is very natural, and no one needs to cure it.

Here are some standard terms used for LGBTQIA+ Community, and I will try to simplify it for you. 

Homosexual |gay| lesbian: These are people who are attracted to people of the same gender. While gay term could be used for any homosexual girl/boy, Lesbian is referred to homosexual girls only. 

Bisexual: Someone who identifies themselves as bisexual is possibly attracted to two or more genders. Look how simple it is so far, don’t worry, things are more straightforward for open minds. 

Trans/ transgender/ trans-man/trans-woman: Someone who identifies themselves as the opposite gender of what they were assigned with since their birth by doctors or society. A trans-man will be someone who was identified as a woman by birth but feels like a man. Same with a Trans-woman, a man by birth, but felt otherwise. While it is up to them whether to undergo the knife and change themselves biologically or they can stay the same anatomically but dress as they prefer to look like, they would still be a trans-woman or trans-man, irrespective of whether or not they go some medical procedure.

Asexual: Someone who lacks sexual attraction or urges towards someone and yet can experience romantic attraction towards someone.

Queer: Someone who identifies themselves as “non-hetero-normative.” Someone who breaks the conventional way of society and likes to be pronounced as they/them or none, not binding themselves to the gender norms of society.  It is an umbrella that can cover all the LGBTQIA+ community members.

Though it is hard for me to sum up all the aspects of the LGBTQIA+ Community, I have tried to simplify it as a fool’s guide to LGBTQIA+ Community as a beginner. 

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Trust me; it is not rocket science to understand LGBTQIA+ people if you leave your conservative minds behind. Just because they came out late doesn’t mean they never existed. 

Remember, there was a time; women couldn’t imagine having the right to vote. Now it’s just any usual thing for you, but somebody raised voice and came out for what we are living at the moment. 

My friends from the LGBTQIA+ Community are welcomed to correct me. I know I have not covered all the aspects, but I hope to do that in my upcoming posts. 

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