Unsung Corona Warriors Feeding Stray Animals

Unsung Corona Warriors Feeding Stray Animals

Not all angels have wings to fly, some go on being fairy godmother riding their scooters too.

These are tough times but brave are those who are risking their lives for others. 

In the time when we are sitting at home with the question that how we will survive this Pandemic?

You may have heard stories of so many Corona Worriers or fighters who are keeping us safe and protecting us but meet these two women who single-handedly have taken on the responsibility of strays around them. Every day they go on a journey of feeding these strays from animals to birds, on their scooty.  

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Ankita & Ashima carrying food supplies for stray animals on their scooty.

Ankita Chopra and Ashima Grover from Ashok Vihar, New Delhi risk their safety for the sake of the strays. These strays depend on people and their leftovers for survival. 

Though they went out feeding the strays, they never took the safety precautions for granted. Both of them carried their feeding passes and wore a mask all the time along with gloves. After returning they are sanitizing everything from head to toe including whatever they touch.

They consider stray animals as part of their family as well and felt the responsibility of taking care of them in tough times.

“We sanitized our keys to footwear everyday, from doorknobs to clothes, we made it a point o change and clean everytime we came back from feeding”, Ashima Shares.

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Ankita and Ashima carrying a stray dog to the hospital

Since they had the feeder pass, they didn’t face any issue from the police. They go on feeding and return home straight after they have fed their strays.

Unfortunately, Ankita’s father has been tested positive for Covid-19 in a rapid test. He was admitted to the hospital for a sudden stroke and his test was done as a precautionary. For now, everyone else is tested negative in their family but currently under home

quarantine. As of now, they have to put a halt on their service.

They’re appealing to fellow activists to feed in their place and hopefully, they are finding helping hands too. You can contribute or help them by clicking Here.

“We fed 150 animals daily, now they are depending on fellow feeders”, Ashima adds.

Similarly, Mayank & Shubham Baluni are the brothers who are helping and feeding strays in Vaishali Ghaziabad. They are going the extra mile to feed strays during this lockdown period. Mayank is an animal lover and love to help animals. Earlier he was feeding the strays occasionally but since lockdown in India started he took it as his responsibility and started feeding them on a daily basis so that they don’t sleep hungry while all of us are inside our homes protecting ourselves.

Many organizations like People for Animals India and Mercy for all societies are working on their level to help animals.

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Member of Parliament (LS), Environmentalist and Animal Rights Activist is also helping her part in rescuing, adoption, and feeding the animals.

We often ignore animals around us. These creatures cannot speak for their needs. It’s time to come together to support them. This is the story of a few unsung heroes, it’s not possible to know all of them and be grateful to them. But I know there are many worriers who are taking that extra mile to keep these innocent animals happy and safe. I hope this inspires the many of us and we join our hands to make a better future for them in this Coronavirus pandemic.

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