Vinay D Rapper the rising YouTuber, creating Tabaahi in Rap World.

Vinay D Rapper the rising YouTuber, creating Tabaahi in Rap World.

Vinay Dubey 23 hails from Delhi, he is working as a pharmacist. He has now entered the world of rap with his debut on youtube, he has managed to create a buzz around social media.

Vinay Dubey found his safe-haven in jotting his words down when he was in 8th standard. After Honey Singh took over music industry of Bollywood with his fresh raps.

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Vinay Dubey realized  he wants to become a rapper, he started expressing his sorrows, troubles, emotions in rhythmic words.

Vinay Dubey youtuber rapper
Vinay Dubey

He realised nothing has ever made him happier than writing and then rapping those lyrics. Though, Vinay Dubey’s parents were against his keen interest toward rap. He secretly aspired to become a popular rapper one day like his idol Honey Singh.

When the kids at his age were stressed over books, and exams he was working on writing songs. Vinay Dubey left his education after completing his 10th boards examination.

He soon developed an interest in bodybuilding. He became aware of his fitness and started taking it seriously. He started working out and participated in various competitions.

He once was facilitated by Mr. Satnam Khattar and Tarun Gill. He is a certified fitness trainer awared by vocal App. Sine his father was not supportive of his ideas, he had to pursue jobs to make a living.

He says, “After I saw people around me, I realized money was everything. And to get money it’s not necessary that you complete your education. I realized education wasn’t going to benefit me.”

He started to work at a very tender age. He took up any job to make a living that came on his way. His goal was to earn money and he didn’t think any job was worth looking down upon.

He started working as a compounder in the beginning of his career. At the moment he is working as a pharmacist with a doctor. He makes enough money by now but his passion for music never died. His job never gave him satisfaction which music and rapping does.

Vinay Dubey came to know about another aspiring rapper Vikas Baghel through a mutual friend. Vinay Dubey like Vikas’s work and decided to do a collaboration with him.

Vinay Dubey approached Vikas and made a diss track “Bewafa Beauty,” which he had written post-breakup. The budget for this song was 5000INR. He initially wrote it to vent his feelings down but later he decided to rap on it. He wished to reach out to people who are heartbroken and are hopeless.

In his song, he appeals to those people who think that their life has ended if their boyfriend/girlfriend dumped, to not be disheartened.

Vinay Dubey is the perfect example of how god holds plans for everyone. After his first videos, he garnered immense love and managed to create a buzz online.

After getting great response from his audience he went to create another rap music video, “Tabaahi” and he actually managed to create Tabaahi through that video with over 10,000 views. The budget of this video was 15000INR.

Watch the video here:

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Vinay shares, “Though my parents and relatives always dismayed my dreams, my elder sister ‘Renu Dubey’ has been always very supportive of me. She has stood by my side as my pillar of support and she is the first person to believe in me.”

Vinay is now preparing for his upcoming rap video “Love You Maa.” It is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2020. Through his video he wishes to pay tribute to his mother and show her how much she means for him, through his words.

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