Wall of Democracy

Wall of Democracy

‘Democracy Wallʼ takes the idea of free speech and meaningful engagement with governance, politics, and society to Indiaʼs most vibrant campuses. It offers young and aware Indians a platform to express their thoughts and aspirations: in voice, prose, verse, painting or music. It brings the top-of-the-mind concerns of millennials to the fore, stimulating substantial conversations. As a forum for open expression and healthy questioning of established ideas and notions, ‘Democracy Wallʼ aims to help the next generation of Indians emerge as involved citizens.

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The idea of a wall of democracy started in November 1978 as thousands of people put up “big-character posters” on a long brick wall of Xidan Street, Xicheng District of Beijing, to protest about the political and social issues of China. Under acquiescence of the Chinese government, other kinds of protest activities, such as unofficial journals, petitions, and demonstrations, were also soon spreading out in major cities of China. This movement can be seen as the beginning of the Chinese Democracy Movement. It is also known as the “Democracy Wall Movement”.

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Wall of Democracy is a great initiative by Delhi University, allowing students and student unions to post or stick their saying and views on these walls. One can easily find these walls on the lane of North Campus Delhi University. These walls are mainly used for sticking election posters and promoting the election campaign. As a result, it helps to keep the city a bit clean. As student unions are only allowed to stick the posters to these walls only.

Apart from elections, these walls are generally a way to portrait and spread general awareness on different top issues to the public. Like the wall has spoken about saving the girl child, gender stereotype, rape issues, physical and mental violence, molestation, harassment and so many other evil of the society. One can easily find people sticking charts their or artist making groundbreaking graffiti and art.

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