Want to start Travel Vlogs? Here is everything you need to learn

Want to start Travel Vlogs? Here is everything you need to learn


Isn’t it just perfect for reflecting your feelings in a summed-up video? Making travel vlogs is fun. You not only get to visit and experience air from different lands but also get to relish it repeatedly throughout and after your editing.

It is essential to view a vlog that reflects a particular land before you head into making a vlog. And a format that you want it to look presentable in. Making the audience feel the place without actually being in it is the only motto!

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It is indeed a fact, “It is no cakewalk” when it comes to editing vlogs. The challenges of this sector change every single day as there are a ton of people out there doing them. Making them an original is no more difficult but impossible. The work that goes around making vlog edits are tedious and extensive and time-consuming.

Complete List of gear you need for Travel Vlogs:
  • GorillaPod/Tripod: To support your camera, you’re going to need a tripod. Either go for a small or light tripod. You can also choose Gorillapod.
  • Gimble: Gimbals are not the most portable of things. However, they’re worth investing in.  It will keep your video stable. No one likes a shaky video.
  • Microphones: Nothing ruins more videos than lousy audio. Most viewers can forgive mediocre lighting and sub-par video quality, but if the sound is terrible, then they likely won’t stick around long. The quickest and easiest way to improve the quality of your audio is not to use the built-in microphones on your camera (or computer if you’re using a webcam) and to use an external microphone.
  • Smartphone: You surely need a phone with a good camera. Aren’t their moments when you don’t have a camera with you, but you want to capture an awesome moment. Don’t miss it out; use your phone.
  • Action Camera: Action camera comes in handy fairly often. It’s great for diving, skiing, and pretty much any activity that you’d be reluctant to bring/use your phone. Most action cameras are small and compact, so they’re great for traveling with. Anything that saves luggage space and isn’t heavy is suitable for travel.
  • Camera: The camera you choose will depend on your experience level and the type of video you’re recording. However, I would suggest a mirrorless camera as they are compact and fast. They are the future now. If you can invest, then you should surely go for mirrorless. Some of our best picks are Canon M50, Canon 200D Mark II, Sony A6400, Canon EOS M6 Mark II, Sony A6100, Nikon z6, Sony A7III, etc. If you are a fan of Canon, you can also go for the Canon R series. However, many debates are going over Nikon z6 vs. Sony A7III vs. SonyA7RIII vs. Canon EOS RP our personal favorite is Sony A7RIII; it’s one of the best cameras for photos as well as videos.
vlogginggear lowres 7379 Want to start Travel Vlogs? Here is everything you need to learn
Here are a few videos from various vloggers. And let’s see how diverse this form of art can take us:

Sam Kolder:

To have a head struck with imaginations that prevail, realism comes Sam Kolder. It isn’t easy to be a videographer like any other profession, and you’d know if you’ve seen a vlog.

Let’s look into one of his works:

The art of taking the perfect shot at the ideal time is no piece of cake. From transitions into the layout and mapping in making a video goes beyond just a few clips tossed and turned with a bit of hippity-hop music.

The act that video edits can be flawless is only by looking through it before making it. One must think, how can you think of something which hasn’t been recorded yet? Well, that’s the art of videography.

Sam Kolder is very well known to have edited the lyrical video for Chainsmokers, Roses as well.

Benn TK (Benn Jayms Tkalcevic):

How accessible and seamless can videos be? That’s how flawless Benn TK is! From intensive creative genes to his mind-boggling door transitions, you will not only give you the chills of being in a respective destination but also enjoy the ride with TK.

Don’t forget to get mesmerized by his door transition and also notice his minute details)

It is hard to let out your creative and comfortable secret to just anyone and everyone. But he does provide you with many “Editing breakdowns,” and what more do you want from him?

JR Alli:

His seamless work and a frame of mind which wants to capture every moving moment. Cause it moves so fast that once you blink, you miss your shot.

Don’t miss out on his sit down videos because we are here to learn!

Daniel Schiffer:

He is someone who can inspire a not so profound video editor to be a Hella creative! Apart from making just travel vlogs, if you want to add some significant effects that break in one clip and seamlessly join into another, Daniel Schiffer is where you hunt to study your basics!

Christian LeBlanc:

Having a different and eccentric touch to your vlogging can bring life to your edits. And Christian LeBlanc, known as Lost LeBlanc, shows you yet another way to be out there in the arms of nature’s air in his way.

Here are a few tips from him if you want to know more about how he works it around. Maybe it can help you as well.

Vlogging your travel is a tricky bit when it comes to living in the moment and bringing instincts into the lenses. Being distinct from others is mandatory when it comes to editing. In the end, your motivation and self-encouragement will bring out the best of you!

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