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What is the funniest thing you thought of in your childhood?(The Juicy Mango Social)

I used to be this shy, calm, and well-behaved child. But I was a daydreamer, big time! I always had all these weird and funny thoughts going around in my head.

Funny Thought 1: So I kept on asking my parents for a small brother. Well surely back then I wasn’t aware of the hard work behind such a process. I used to think that once a year there happens a baby rain, i.e. babies fall from the sky and the parents catch them. That’s how parents welcomed their babies into this world.

Funny Thought 2: As a child, I used to love watching TV, I mean which child doesn’t! So I used to think that there are small people living inside the television, who began acting when we switched on the television.

Funny Thought 3: My favorite cartoon was Courage the cowardly dog, so I actually believed that the place called Nowhere exists and they will send a spaceship for me to visit them as it was my favorite show.

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