Why Britney Spears can’t Marry Sam Asghari? Free Britney Spears is trending

Why Britney Spears can’t Marry Sam Asghari? Free Britney Spears is trending


Britney Spears has been dating Sam Asghari since at least late 2016. As the sources suggest, they cannot marry without an agreement from Spears’ Father.

For over a decade ago, Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship that gave her father, Jamie Spears, the control to make decisions for nearly every aspect of the singer’s life. Including potential marriage, Britney might want to enter into.

Until now the singer has been married twice. Her first marriage, to a childhood friend Jason Alexander, was annulled in the year 2004 after 55 hours into their marriage. Later that year, she married her back up dancer Kevin Federline.

Kevin and Britney have two sons Sean Federline and Jayden James Federline. The couple separated in the year 2007. Later in the year 2011, around December, Britney got engaged to her then-boyfriend Jason Trawick. However, they split-up in January 2013.

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Jamie Spears has recently taken the responsibility of becoming Britney’s conservator after her lawyer and co-conservator, Andrew Wallet, have filled documentations to step down from their positions. Britney was placed in conservatorship in the year 2008 when Andrew and Jamie were appointed as the co-conservators of her estate.

Sources suggest that Spears is thinking of having another child, but she’ll have to get her dad on board for that as well.

All these years being Britney’s conservatorship, Jamie has complete control over his daughter’s assets. But she appreciates how her father has been understanding and has given her tremendous space.

“He doesn’t live with her or micromanage her daily routine,” the source added.

Recently, The fashion Industry’s ‘Watchdog’: ‘Diet Prada’ posted explaining the #FreeBritney movement, which revealed the reasons why without her father’s consent, what she is forbidden from.

Petitions have been framed under #FreeBritney, which suggests that she has no right to do normal things in her life. From driving to getting married.

Why is Free Britney Spears Trending?

This movement picked its pace last year when Spears had entered a psychiatric facility while many believed it was against her will.

Recently, The ‘Toxic’ singer has been gaining more interests over Tik Tok with her series of exceptional dance performances. This sprung public affairs into her life and eventually a petition over Change.org to let her hire a lawyer to get out of conservatorship.

However, Brittany seems to respond by saying she’s fine by posting this on Instagram,

On the 14th of July, ET Online reported that Britney Spears’ mother Lynne, had filled a request with the Los Angeles County Court the previous day.

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Her mother was seen requesting special notice in the year 2019 over Britney’s conservatorship. As the source suggested, Lynne is trying to have a hold on Britney’s conservatorship over the years.

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