Why is the group of 3  Friends the best?

Why is the group of 3 Friends the best?


Friends are always a phone call away. Even if their opening statement may be of a sarcastic undertone. They will not let you go, your friends.

We have always been in our ups and downs and have still needed a third hand who could guide us to the lighthouse when we lose our way. Our friends have a special place in our hearts even if we hate them because they broke our PS4 or that they forgot to invite us to the small video game party.

It is always noticed in our school life or college, or anywhere we go. One can see a pair of three friends enjoying the time of their life. It is very likely tallied that a group of three friends are always the best kinds. The kind of friendship which goes on forever. Well, talking, in reality, goes on for a long time.


We have witnessed such portrayals of three friends in our perfect Bollywood movies. Such as Dil Chahta hai, Kai Po Che, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, 3 Idiots, Yeh Jawani hai Diwani, and more.

We can see the portrayal of these actors in a group of three friends. They do tell us the experiences in as much diverse way as they can. Some depict how friendships become when one is in an engineering college. The all-nighters that they pull off to pass an exam the next morning and to repeat the same string for weeks. Is how bonds grew.

Or for the ever in making plans of going somewhere out on a road trip comes true that we see in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. We all have been in the chats of those ‘Let’s go to Goa this year!’.

If one of them cannot understand the other, there is a third one who always mediates in between. The variety grows in abundance. Pair of clothes can revolve from one’s closet to another.

Friendship of three brings a maturity to the group. If there are two people in a group, there are chances they may be highly envious of one another. But, if there are three of them, it gets naturally balanced. The family looks quite short when it’s just two and heavenly large when it’s beyond 3—making three the best choice.

You can share your thoughts with them without thinking about the consequences because they are always there to answer all your weird questions and stand with you in your downfalls. Or are still there to celebrate your achievements.

And every group, be it a gentle of three or tedious of a hundred, we have seen one extra invisible friend that binds the friendship across the whole nation and is very likely a familiar friend of ours—our Pyari Maggi.

Don’t you believe me? Well, next time you’re with your friends, try making a packet of Maggi and then see the magic that flourishes in the air that surrounds you.

I have been waiting for my best Trois. If you have yours, don’t let them go. Catch them and put them in a safe someplace because they are beyond precious!

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