Janmashtami Special: Why people idolize Lord Krishna instead of Lord Ram in Kalyug?

Janmashtami Special: Why people idolize Lord Krishna instead of Lord Ram in Kalyug?


We’ve been under the quarrel of where Lord Ram was born and ownership of the land for its sake, While Lord Krishna just stands out in the particularities of how he practices life.

There might be some commotion as to how a human being judges a particular deity. Still, given the power of analysis, most of their brains refuse to bog down even when it comes to comparing God’s.

Considering Rama, who is idolized as a superhuman who has his virtues in the right place – an ideal son, a loving husband, a righteous king, and a very respectful human being.

The image of Lord Rama is that of an aspiration where every parent aspires to have such a son. While Lord Krishna could be considered to be the total opposite of this. From being full of entertainment, heartthrob, a friend of friends, and an impressive strategist.

All things considered in today’s times, Krishna’s approach to life is more revered for Rama’s idealistic behavior. And hence many management lessons are drawn out of the strategic concepts laid by Lord Krishna. During Mahabharat, the out-of-the-box thoughts helped Pandavas come out with solutions that seemed impossible for the whole world. The current youth often identifies with the happy go lucky attitude of Krishna. Krishna holds a success ratio that is well versed and appreciated in today’s world.

However, Ramayana shows a storyline that is serious and straightforward. Although, when compared with Mahabharat, the travel of Rama from childhood to the end is not that intriguing, whereas the story of Krishna right from his childhood days have been full of fun and exciting.

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So, from a young person’s perspective in today’s world, who seems to be far from religious activities and/beliefs, can step out and look at both the lives of Ram Krishna objectively, just like in the movies. And would eventually end up liking Krishna more as a star of the film.

It is a long cyclic chain practiced right from homes to the corporate world; Krishna is indeed relevant in the current moment. At the same time, Rama is the ethic that we preach but can not practice.

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