Why Whatsapp is not showing Last Seen or Online?

Why Whatsapp is not showing Last Seen or Online?

Whatsapp is an app owned by Facebook which lets you share messages with your friends. It’s one of the most used and loved app all over the world. It has 4.3 ratings on google play store and more than billions of downloads.

Whatsapp is having some issues with some of its features like people can not see each other last seen and are also unable to see if they are online or not.

According to the Down Detector, an Independent outage monitor spotted an increase in WhatsApp down reports. A lot of users are not happy with this bug and tweeting about the issue.

Down Detector says, 67 percent of the users have reported issues with changing the Last Seen setting on their devices. Whereas, 26 percent of the users have complained about connection issuers. 6 percent of the reports suggest errors with users trying to login to the app.

This issue has affected the US, UK, Europe, and some parts of Asia including India and Singapore. However, users believe that maybe there is some error with privacy settings.

This issue can become a major problem for the daily users, these error generally occurs when there is something wrong on the server-side. We haven’t heard anything from Whatsapp officially. May be answers from the office will clear some clouds.

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